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  1. Briley

    Carli Suspension for F250

    What up WIDGE. I did 3.5 with FOX commuter and 35s. Definitely do 4.5 and 37s. Just do fox for shocks.
  2. Briley

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    We’ll be there bright and early Saturday morning. 1. Riley1 + 2 (1 kid, 8yrs old) 2. JeepDog + 3 3. BudMan + 1 4. Ductape1000 + 1 5. Racer56 + 3 (2 kids, 13&16) 6. Racer 89 + 3 (2 kids, 6&9) 7. Fastdadtsmith +3 8. Joker 9. Riverryder + 2 kids. 10. LGETT + 3 11. Glamis0812 12. CoolCruzin + 3...
  3. Briley

    Sat phones...

    Actually just updated this week for a trip to Powell, got the Iridium 9575 Extreme ($1,287.61). Contact Bill at All Over Communications in Irvine, picked up same day. With monthly plan was able to get 949 area code and all incoming calls are free. (Monthly rate is $65.) https://allovercomm.com/...
  4. Briley

    19 Rogers mold (not 18). Where is it?

    Since were on the subject, which 19 do I have?
  5. Briley

    Let’s see your jet boats!!!

    Family Rogers at Los Alamitos Bay and Schooner or Laters.
  6. Briley

    Damn Dam Run Shirts order to be placed June 30th.

    Riley1 - 1 XL Tank, 1XL Shirt, 1 med shirt. Total 3 02Howard- 1 XL T-shirt. Total 1 Fastdadtsmith- 1- 2xl T, 1- 2xl Tank, 1- xl T, 1- xl Tank, 1- Med T, 1- Med Tank, 1-WSml T, 1- WSml Tank. Total- 8 Springfield - 1 XXL Tank. Total 1 BUDMAN - 2 xxx, 2 xx 1 xxx tank, 1 xx tank. Total 6 shock22 -...
  7. Briley

    Damn Dam Run Shirts order to be placed June 30th.

    I’ll take 6 shirts also. 2 med, 2 lgr, 2 xl
  8. Briley

    Havasu NOT closed

  9. Briley

    Matching Tow Rigs whatcha got?

    2020/2006 2000/2005 2005/1971
  10. Briley

    Replace upper unit cost?

    Thanks. I guess I Thought it was different gears, but your correct.
  11. Briley

    Replace upper unit cost?

    Wel Just over 300 hours. And I didn't realize same gears... so why wouldn't I use same model mercury XR upper housing?
  12. Briley

    Replace upper unit cost?

    Cobra 280 Python, with 525. Upper unit gear broke and damaged hosing. Do I need to replace with Teague Platinum upper. They believe the weight of boat was a factor of breaking Mercury XR.
  13. Briley

    Jet Boat Pics, Post them up

    1971 Rogers
  14. Briley

    Gas stain on painted boat...

  15. Briley

    Gas stain on painted boat...

    Had a great Labor Day weekend in LBC at Marine stadium in new to me Rogers boat, ran as promised and everyone skied. Spent half of Monday cleaning boat and scrubbing carpet, let sit out today to dry and changed exhaust clappers at 3:00, came back out at 4:15 and gas had leaked out of fill caps...
  16. Briley

    Havasu boat service

    [/ATTACH] What up V...I only use Aaron on my Cobra, they are the best and u get his cell phone number. The photo is Aerial from Absolute when I was getting a beep on a Saturday morning and he came out to naked turtle to checkout while we ate breakfast :thumbsup Will be in Havi Mother's Day...
  17. Briley

    How's the Wind in Havasu?

    First time I've had the automatic bilge pumps kick on.
  18. Briley

    How's the Wind in Havasu?

    Coming out of the channel heading up river, three foot swells coming over front of boat this morning. Went to Havasu springs instead...
  19. Briley

    How's the Wind in Havasu?

    Wind is kickin...phone says 20mph. Just got to springs and cruised 60 all the way up.
  20. Briley

    Lake Havasu House Rental

    Evening Kurt just wanted to see if your house is available April 15 through the 22? Please let me know, thanks. Jason 949-887-9351