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  1. Rjt01

    Halloween time

    My youngest was born on Halloween and wanted to step it up this year lol
  2. Rjt01

    Parker rail road bridge on fire

    Just saw an article on the Parker rail road bridge on fire . http://www.parkerliveonline.com/2019/09/15/viewfinder-parkers-railroad-bridge-up-in-flames/
  3. Rjt01

    RDP brain trust .

    Ok fellow inmates , I have a BBC 454 gen IV 4 bolt main that has never been machined and I want to turn it to a blower motor . Problem is that one of the bolt holes that the starter motor has broke off .... the casting has broke off , still have one bolt hole that can be used but the other is...
  4. Rjt01

    Bad ass man cave sign

    Just got a sign made for the man cave
  5. Rjt01

    Thoughts on this Boat

    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2020/---3515007?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid+social&utm_campaign=yw+us+fb+dynamic+re&utm_content=dynamic+retargeting+us What do u the inmates think ???
  6. Rjt01

    Sponsor Sierra , River daves daughter

    Hey guys and girls help Dave’s daughter hit the number one spot for sponsorship for her swim team , u can donate by going to the thread on the RD lounge . I sponsored her so should I , I cut and copied the post and posted it here .Sierra recently joined the Havasu Stingrays Swim Team. She is...
  7. Rjt01

    Trans fluid on turbo 400

    Been doing research on why fluid to run on my TH 400 and have had a lot of mixed reviews. What are u guys running and why ??? Thanks
  8. Rjt01

    Imco thumper exhaust BBC

    Selling a set of imco thumper exhausts, have been pressure tested to 20psi , stripped and new powder coat, new gaskets and O rings from imco . Fits 4” hose, have some elbows that make s bend . $900 , located in La Mirada ca . Local pic up but can ship at buyers expense..... they ar f Ing heave...
  9. Rjt01

    2019 lake Elsinore paradise v-Drive regatta

    Hey guys , do any of u know if that event is going to happen next year ? Would love to go but can’t find any information on it . Trying very hard to get the ol sled ready for it .
  10. Rjt01

    Garage clean out

    have some logs for Chevy and olds and a set of heads . Heads are $100 and the rest has price on them
  11. Rjt01

    Testing the waters

    Was looking on the ol interweb and found this old Skool design and made a few t -shirts for me an the kids , what do u think ???
  12. Rjt01

    1971 19’ schiada

    So building my lilttle Schiada, just wanted to show u guys my baby . Doing all the mechanical stuff then going to get the hull completely stripped down and new gel done . Sandblasted the trailer and new wiring and lights , new tanks , complete rebuild on the trans and v-drive , all new seals ...