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  1. Phebus

    Dynamic Air

    Haven't been on the forums for a long time, but needed help getting an honest repair quote, and repair done to my dads heater/ac unit. Back story is that he had issues with the unit, so he called the number of a company he found on a sticker on the condenser unit. They came out and told him...
  2. Phebus

    Notable posters from days gone bye

    Lets start a list of posters from the boating forums that used to be mainstay's and are now gone from the boards. I know at least 50. Start it up someone.
  3. Phebus


    You look great on TV. Gonna cost you some cream. Be safe brother, miss seeing you guys.
  4. Phebus

    Happy hour

    And a bartender you know. Priceless :D
  5. Phebus

    Got Pope?

  6. Phebus

    Checking in

    What a shit show :D Entertaining.
  7. Phebus

    Thanks RD

    Thanks RD for being a gracious host, and thank everyone for the good ride. But alas, it's time for Phebus to ride off to the sunset. I'll lurk from time to time, and maybe chime in from time to time, but this chapter of my life is coming to a close. Phebus...............Out.
  8. Phebus

    Guess I pissed someone off

    Wow, I guees my joking around pissed someone off. Steve, if you have something to say, put it on the boards, you dont have to hide it with PM's. by the way, you know where I live. Here, Ill quote you: FUCK YOU ASS HOLE!!!!! I'M ABOUT TIRED OF YOU CHASING ME AROUND THE BOARDS AND TAKING...
  9. Phebus

    Where's Pokey?

    Hope he's okay, haven't seen him posting.
  10. Phebus

    Shorter days

    Wow, the hours of daylight sure seem to shrink fast this time of year. I hate it. Light late, dark early. Hurry up and come back summer, I hope winter is mild and goes by fast.
  11. Phebus


    Now that summer is over, who are some of the board members that have gone MIA from the boards during the last year?
  12. Phebus


    Smilees. Have gone from bad, to worse.
  13. Phebus

    Is Internet addiction a disease?

    Try to walk away fuckers. See if you can turn your computer off for a week.
  14. Phebus

    Box anchor

    Slide Anchor polished stainless steel large box anchor with line and bag- $75.00. Suckers are real expensive for these blingy polished one's, and their big advantage is that the bottom mud washes off real easy before bringing back on boat. Cash and carry. No lo shippo. No lo holdo. located...
  15. Phebus

    Sand spikes

    Slide anchor sand spikes. polished stainless steel large with bag- $50.00 galvanized large- $30.00 galvanized large- $30.00 galvanized small with bag- $25.00 Cash and carry. No lo shippo. No lo holdo, cash talks. Located in Havasu.
  16. Phebus

    24' pontoon

    1988 24' pontoon hard top with Mercury Tower of Power 115 hp two stroke. Runs perfect. Runs about 25mph. Pics up tomorrow, but a lot of you have already seen it (The Silver Queen), so I am just putting it out there. Older pontoon, but a great party boat. Carpet is so so, and interior is...
  17. Phebus


    Really good lightning storm happening in Havasu.
  18. Phebus

    New TV

    My tv set in my family room took a dump, and I need to buy a new one. Don't need the best, but don't want the worst. Brands? LCD, LED, Plasma? Keep it simple, it's just a tv. :D Keep in mind, this is in Havasu, so selection will be minimal. Thanks
  19. Phebus


    Bouse is getting flooded, power is out in Parker, Kingman is getting slammed, but so far nothing here in Havasu.
  20. Phebus

    What a week

    Car battery died Blew out sandal (big deal hopping around on fucking hot asphalt carrying a new car battery) Boat motor broke Wife's cell phone in pool Garage door opener broke Back killing me Time for Fireball and beer, and if that doesn't work, a pain pill or three. After all...