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  1. Briley

    Havasu NOT closed

  2. Briley

    Replace upper unit cost?

    Cobra 280 Python, with 525. Upper unit gear broke and damaged hosing. Do I need to replace with Teague Platinum upper. They believe the weight of boat was a factor of breaking Mercury XR.
  3. Briley

    Gas stain on painted boat...

    Had a great Labor Day weekend in LBC at Marine stadium in new to me Rogers boat, ran as promised and everyone skied. Spent half of Monday cleaning boat and scrubbing carpet, let sit out today to dry and changed exhaust clappers at 3:00, came back out at 4:15 and gas had leaked out of fill caps...
  4. Briley

    Murrieta Fire & Rescue hiring Fire Inspector I

    Murrieta Fire & Rescue is currently accepting applications for the positions of Fire Inspector I within the Fire Prevention Division. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team of well trained and experienced individuals in providing a reasonable amount of fire & life safety within the...
  5. Briley

    Absolute saves the day...

    Launched at marina and idling out was getting three beeps. Called the shop as they were getting ready to go home for the day and Ariel offered meet at Naked Turtle, quick late breakfast and we were back in business. Some water valve.
  6. Briley

    Havasu Airplane Hangar for river pad...

    When thinking of Havasu home, garages seem to always be one of my biggest concerns. This would be a unique spin on weekend getaway location.....with plenty of garage space.
  7. Briley

    New Go Pro "Session"

    Haven't seen this new Go Pro yet , but what a difference in size 50% smaller and 40% lighter. Check out second video and it shows the quality is not the same as larger camera. Just like everything else in life, we buy all these cameras and mounts and out comes new model...
  8. Briley

    Boat valet

    My buddy is at beachcomber and wants to launch his 21 Schiada but he dosen't have a tow vehicle, I was suppose to be down today but one of the kids had his last final. They would like to launch at marina @ 12:00 and then come back in?? What eve r was convenient for driver. Any ideas?
  9. Briley

    Gel repair in Havasu??

    Don't want to tow back to Cobra for repair...so who is the best in Havasu for gel repair? Any ideas on cost??
  10. Briley

    Quick hitch repair.

    Black cap on the greaseless ball came off, thought I'd stick it back on. Hope i didn't make a bad call. They don't appear to rotate.
  11. Briley

    I like this RDP a hat....

    Googled havasu springs restaurant images and this photo came up. I really like his hat.
  12. Briley

    2000 Chaparral 233 Sunesta

    My buddy passed away a year ago and his wife just asked me to help her sell their boat. This is what she has text me so far...2000 Chaparral 233 Sunesta, 7.4 Mercury Bravo 1 (approx. 300 hrs.), everything in good working order except water for sink, front and back bimini, extra cushions for...
  13. Briley

    Any updates on Beachcomber?

    Just tried to look at beachcomber website, because I figured some trailers would be going up for sale. Unfortunately site is down...I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the "outer ring". If they separate park amenities then we in the inner circle will have no pool, clubhouse or launch...
  14. Briley

    Few running shots of Bash

    Headed towards Havasu Springs....
  15. Briley

    Sunday fun day...where on the lake??

    Where's everyone heading on the lake tomorrow??? Springs, pirates, channel?? Found a cool cove today and hung out. Going to try to get out early and burn some gas...maybe springs for breakfast then boat ride to topock.
  16. Briley

    On board tool kit...what else?

    What else should I get for small tools on board, minor repairs etc...
  17. Briley

    Oil bath bearing service....

    Paid $498.59 on 5/21/14 to have all three axles serviced and replace new seals on oil bath bearings on my extreme trailer, this also included a replacing right front caliper. First trip out (two week later) two bearing leaked and had to be redone (supposedly set screws). Now two months later two...
  18. Briley

    Holiday weekend at Mead??

    Family has choose to go to Mead this weekend and I'm curious what to expect? Ramp? Lake? People? Hope it's not as crazy as havasu.
  19. Briley

    RD merchandise purchase

    Has anyone purchased shirts and hats from PayPal link at top of rd site??? Ordered some stuff 4/29 an have yet to receive, hope it comes soon.
  20. Briley

    Tire blow out...

    Blew out rear tire on the Ford and did $4,000.00 in damage. Took out to right side of the bed, taillight and fractured paint on tailgate. Worst part is it will be at shop for two weeks. Guess no havi this weekend.