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  1. OldSchoolBoats

    Eliminator Eagle - smoking deal

    When I say smoking deal, I mean that the person selling this boat is smoking something. What a disaster!! This poor boat just needs to be put out of it's misery at this point. Who does this?!! I say $8k - $10k Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. OldSchoolBoats

    New Campbell Cove Gas Pumps

    Just a friendly PSA for anyone that gets gas at Campbell Cove. They put in new pumps and they don't have the extensions to pull the pump over to the other side of the boat to fill up both tanks. Had to do one side and then pull around for the other. Going to be a complete cluster F on the...
  3. OldSchoolBoats

    RDP Car Audio Hook Up?

    Got anyone in So Cal, within an hour of Temecula? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. OldSchoolBoats

    Window Referral - Havasu

    Looking to get 2 windows replaced at our Havasu house. Anyone have a recommendation? The guy I use for work at the house is booked until June. Also need a painter referral for the outside of the house (stucco and facia). Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. OldSchoolBoats

    Merc Racing Max 5 - FOR SALE

    25p 15" diameter Lab finished The Mercury Racing MAX5 propeller, developed and hand-crafted by the Mercury Racing Propeller Artisans, is designed for single and multiple engine applications including the 400R outboard and 600 SCi sterndrive. The Lab Finished MAX 5 provides a measurable...
  6. OldSchoolBoats

    Spring Meetup On Saturday - Pirates

    Weather looks nice on Saturday (80 degrees) and there is a big meet up at Pirates to kick off the season. Thinking of rolling out Saturday morning with my boys and running up there. Anyone want to co pilot with me? If I end up doing it, will be launching at Windsor around 9:30 - 10am. Sent...
  7. OldSchoolBoats

    Tool Set For Truck - Must Haves

    Found this tool box while cleaning out the garage. Going to fill it up and toss in the back bed of my truck. Help me make a shopping list. What are some must haves? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. OldSchoolBoats

    This Tuesday 3/9 - Havasu

    Roling solo and coming into town early Tuesday morning to do some work at the house and run some errands around town. Will be free after 1pm. Was going to drop the boat in but looks like the friggen wind will be blowing. Anyone in town want to grab lunch / dinner / bar hop / drink Daves beers...
  9. OldSchoolBoats

    Dealer Installed Lifts

    Was just doing my morning window shopping online and came across this 2500 for sale at our local Temecula GMC dealer. I think if the dealer installs the parts are warrantied, so that's a plus, but almost $20k for a lift, wheels and tires!!!?? WTF! Looks like a pretty basic lift too...
  10. OldSchoolBoats

    Tire Guys.....got a question

    So this morning, after dropping off the boys for practice, I picked up a big ass nail in the back tire of my Fusion. It was a good leak because I drove about a mile and my tire pressure light came on, luckily I was across the street from the local Mtn View Tire, so drove over for them to fix it...
  11. OldSchoolBoats

    Is this a good idea?

    So some friends of ours recently picked up a bumper pull travel trailer, brand new. OTD it was like $40K. Super nice and it got me thinking............... Now that I have the Super Duty, I want to put it to work and I was thinking of picking up a travel trailer too. My plan would be to use...
  12. OldSchoolBoats

    Storage Unit Availability

    Buddy needs a 40 foot unit in Havasu Willing to purchase for the right price, but would like to rent. Anyone giving their unit up or know of one coming on the market??
  13. OldSchoolBoats

    School Me On Oatman

    Heading out again this weekend with the kids. Plan is to hit Bunker Bar on Friday for lunch and then was thinking of heading to Oatman on Saturday (never been before). Is it an all day kind of gig, or lunch and a couple hours of walking around deal?? What's there as far as restaurants are...
  14. OldSchoolBoats

    Missing Person - San Diego Coastal

    I know a few lurkers on here have worked out with Kara and Dane at WORK in Irvine. They just had a beautiful baby girl and have been struggling, as their little baby has had major feeding issues, landing her in ICU for a few days. On top of that, their business has been greatly impacted by...
  15. OldSchoolBoats

    Shirley's Boutique in LHC

    Shout out to a small Havasu business! If any of you guys have teenage daughters and/or wives that like to shop, they will love this place. The prices are 1/2 of what you would find the same brands for in So Cal. Check it out and support a small business. Owner is super cool too! In the English...
  16. OldSchoolBoats

    Havi this weekend

    Heading out in a couple hours, just the wife and I. Was going to make a run up to bunker bar and do some shooting tomorrow, but looks like the wind is going to blow pretty good. Probably just end up doing some work at the house and then bar hopping while watching some playoff games. If you...
  17. OldSchoolBoats

    New Conforming Loan Limits

    The FHFA has announced the new conforming loan limits for 2021. Big increases across the board! $548,250.00 for all non high cost counties $753,250.00 for San Diego County $822,375.00 for designated "high cost counties"...
  18. OldSchoolBoats

    Travel Baseball Questions

    I know there are a few of you that do Travel Baseball and there are a couple teams interested in my boys. I just have some questions. What is the average monthly cost? I have a team at $150 and another at $200. Is this the norm?? What other costs can I expect? How often do they practice...
  19. OldSchoolBoats

    Hunter Biden Sighting

    Hunter Biden was seen getting off a plane today in Oregon. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. OldSchoolBoats

    PA will decide it all

    I feel confident that Trump will win Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. This sets up Pennsylvania being the on state that both paths will need to get to victory, that is why there has and is so much focus on that state right now. Ultimately, Trump will prevail.