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  1. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    it was not a GPS speedo.... it was a radar Gun... and since you were not present at the time of the test drives (4) then I guess this is just your opinion and not actual fact that you personally witnessed
  2. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    Nice boat this is not the orig owner but super cool peeps and we cut an open bow into it later after taking ownership of it
  3. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    This was a fun build I spent a lot of time on this
  4. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    This was the second boat I built for Dana with Tom
  5. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    Also the 23 was changed from the 22 ... The 23 bottom was completely redesigned with a delta pad and added. A lifting strake that smiley did in the glass shop when I first started building for Dana with Tom .. And yeah I built over a hundred boats with Dana thru 3 different owners From 99 to...
  6. atomickitn

    lets see your Dana

    Really Dave ???? I built that 23 io with a 525 that ran 103 in Parker then bob Teague got in it and ran it for a review and he drove it 93mph on a radar gun and it was posted in the mag... Look it up
  7. atomickitn

    PinkTaco's Desert Journal... Life in the Dust

    awesome thread thanks for sharing :thumbup::)
  8. atomickitn

    March 21st - RDP OFFROAD WEEKEND!!

    Humm this sounds fun I think I can make this so long as I don't break my car the week before in the parker poker run for st pattys day :rolleyes
  9. atomickitn

    Need Desert Storm Safety Boats

    Im in already again.. I told Karl i would help for all of it.. I think LHC30 also hasa my info.. :D
  10. atomickitn

    Good morning Inmates!

    oh yeah she would make for a goooood morning thanks for sharing:D
  11. atomickitn

    Desert Storm 2014 After Party

    so Dave you never answered the question? do you have to take the taxi to get in?
  12. atomickitn

    Desert Storm 2014 After Party

    it must be at the refuge $$$$$$
  13. atomickitn

    Homework, new const. project...

  14. atomickitn

    big thanks to ultra babe

    very cool peeps;)
  15. atomickitn

    "Safety Checkpoint" bullshit

    false arrest and harrasment fok cops bad attitudes suck they are public servants sorry you got caught in their BS
  16. atomickitn

    $uck the Ducks, GO KINGS GO !!!!!

    go kings go.. :thumbsup
  17. atomickitn

    Dock snake

    they also hunt rattle snakes. I encountered one monday as I was accross the way on the cali side working on a friends truck removing all the gas.. scarred the crap out of me..
  18. atomickitn

    Would like some inmate input

    Smooth, as for when the wind blows it also blows lots of crap, that will stick to the rough and cause a dirty looking roof... the smooth will allow the water to run off faster in the monsoons... :cool
  19. atomickitn

    Happy Birthday Phebus

    Happy Birthday Rick finally made it to 21.. nice.. time to party;)
  20. atomickitn

    to who this conceerns

    I was like a ghost