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  1. Tooms22

    Lake Mead State park idiots

    They just released their names... Both go by "Vin"
  2. Tooms22

    My favorite day of the year!!

    I woke up to the warm reminder of the date when I checked my bank account and saw that I must've bought a nice mid level luxury vehicle from "IRS USATAXPYMT"... based on the early morning account debits :rolleyes:
  3. Tooms22

    Any reason to get az Id?

    Welp, then aaaaaaaaaa lot of FFLs are doing it wrong...
  4. Tooms22

    Any reason to get az Id?

    1) Guns, the selection in free America is multiple times that of California 2) Guns, you can just drive into the desert and shoot 3) Use it when you don't feel like getting a shitty look from the bouncer or bartender in states that are not California
  5. Tooms22

    That's one strong, independent lady public defender!

    Hopefully, she's stronger than Vin!
  6. Tooms22

    OC Peoples: Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity Cornhole Event 4/7

    So, I'm on a small, junior board of Big Brothers Big Sisters and we put on this event every year. This year it's on this coming Sunday 4/7. For the last two years, I have also sponsored it. Sponsorship comes with a couple of free teams. I was also able to get a partner firm of mine to match my...
  7. Tooms22

    Trust amendment

    If the trust states that you have to be involved/approve the amendment or it's null and void, the court should follow the trust. It's likely your uncle will say that you grandfather wanted to amend the trust without your knowledge. Then it will be a dispute of whether your grandfather was...
  8. Tooms22

    1911 45* Has always been my favorite , check this out

    I was told full custom and brands like Dan Wesson are semi custom. I haven't researched enough but that's what I was told. The price seems to increase exponentially for every little bit of quality. I'm guessing customer service is better with a smaller custom builder as well. Personally, I've...
  9. Tooms22

    1911 45* Has always been my favorite , check this out

    If you like 1911s, look up Alchemy Custom Weaponry. I was on a hunt in Texas in January and one of the guys had a FFL and sold guns. He said they are completely handmade and he would choose this 1911 to protect his family any day of the week. I held it. It was probably the most solid gun that...
  10. Tooms22

    Boating Attorney Referral

    Feel free to PM me. I handle boating cases in CA and the firm that work with can take AZ cases. They always have me look at the potential boating cases because I've been boating for 20 years and know the Colorado River region fairly well, especially Needles to Parker.
  11. Tooms22

    … Help Need Insurance Advice…DUI Guy Hit My Cars…

    Sounds like neighbor girl is going to learn a lesson on high deductibles and how she lives in a state with lots of uninsured/unlicensed drivers. This is one of the instances that you don't think about when people say, "California is expensive." Your insurance isn't going to cover it. It's no...
  12. Tooms22

    Super Cat Fest - Roll Call

    Me + the wife are out there 4/18-29
  13. Tooms22

    Semis In The Number One Lane

    But us recreational tow rigs pulling a boat get chirped at on the CHP megaphone for doing 75 in the fast lane on the 5 going up through the Grapevine... :rolleyes:
  14. Tooms22

    Gun Question

    Haha that's a funny joke! Good one! Obviously, if you actually did that, you wouldn't put it in writing on the internets. Again, very good joke!
  15. Tooms22

    RIP Larry H. Parker

    Me, I have a fast car for the purpose of keeping up with the ambulances 👍
  16. Tooms22

    Bvi Sailing Trip Starts Today!

    BVI is our favorite vacation spot too 👍 Mods, please delete thread if OP continues to give us blue balls with only 4 pictures per day.
  17. Tooms22

    10 East Shutdown at 86?

    Opened back up 👍
  18. Tooms22

    10 East Shutdown at 86?

    Headed to Phoenix and noticed the bad news on a Caltrans sign. Semi pulling doubles roll over at 230am. Unsure how it’s still causing an issue. Anybody have info on it?
  19. Tooms22

    Police Pursuit on PCH - Live

    Mr. Tire isn't takin' shit today!
  20. Tooms22

    My film guy is an asshole

    Count to ten... pit maneuver the left lane camper out of the way