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  1. Roaddogg 4040

    Midwest Farm tour

    Damn that corn looks good. Damn near took a bite out of my computer Steve
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    Sorry, but it’s in Roseville. Just outside of Sacramento I really haven't advertised it other than here. I do have someone that says he will be coming to look at it as soon as he can get up this way.
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    2020 mid engine Corvette unwapped tonight in O.C.

    I looked at the engine compartment of one of the new Mustang’s the other day and there isn’t room to do squat. It appears that the Vett is just about the same. If either of these cars run anywhere near as reliably as all of the new cars that I’ve had in past 20 years, the tight engine...
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    2020 mid engine Corvette unwapped tonight in O.C.

    That laid back windshield really hurts the look. IMHO Steve
  5. Roaddogg 4040

    Midwest Farm tour

    Damn, that has to suck big time. Not only the labor involved but the cost of the chemicals. Still a great thread! Thanks again, Steve
  6. Roaddogg 4040

    Midwest Farm tour

    I was just looking at a few of your pictures and noticed that it looks like a few bugs have been having a pretty good time feasting on those potato plant leaves. Do you use anything to discourage their appetite ?
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    Happy Birthday Stacy!!

    Happy Birthday Stacy. And to you Dave, what a beautiful post that you wrote about your wonderful wife. Good work pal !!! Steve
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    When common sense is lost.. lol Trailer content

    Don’t worry honey. This tub doesn't have hardly any young weight at all... Steve
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    CA Signs Bill for Healthcare for Illegals

    Our President is doing everything he can to keep them out but he gets blocked at every turn by the Congress and by liberal judges !!! Steve
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    Putting A 72 Campbell back together

    Good to know that you didn’t do anything wrong! You will love it when you get er done... Steve
  11. Roaddogg 4040

    Putting A 72 Campbell back together

    I’m no electrical guru but I’ve never seen a coil blow up like that. Do you know if it is a wiring issue, part issue etc ? Sucks to have the setback, especially on first start up day. Good luck and the boat is coming along great Steve
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    1977 Dimarco 5/8 Runner Bottom - redo

    Oooooos, not fun. Steve
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    Midwest Farm tour

    Damn that stuff is growin like crazy !!! Looks like you’re doing somthin’ right. Good job. Steve
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    What is it with outboard guys?

    The article said that the guy rammed the big boat in the sides also. Quite the asshat and yes there are quite a few loons on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River too. Steve
  15. Roaddogg 4040

    Rayson Craft GN

    Tom Scahill is handling this sale for me. Please give him a call @ 415-457-9389 Thanks, Steve
  16. Roaddogg 4040

    Cruisers on the river

    I don’t care if it’s legal to dump stuff overboard or not but nobody should be able to do it !!! Especially our government...:(:(:( Steve
  17. Roaddogg 4040

    What is it with outboard guys?

    Well, that’s one way to carry the extra boat:D Steve
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    Traffic court lesson

    It looks to me that those sunglasses have side pieces that are too wide to be considered legal ??? I believe they have to be less than 1/2” wide. Maybe that regulation is meant only for Joe Public, not for Coppers LOL Steve
  19. Roaddogg 4040

    Rayson Craft GN

    Thanks, I hope it goes to the right person too. It is truly one of a kind. Steve
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    Fill up gas today in California

    I just keep on wondering how giving California Politicians money for “global warming” would ever be able to do any damn thing about changing anything about our weather!!! They just take the money and divide it up among their friends and waste whatever might of been left over. They are all lying...