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  1. hallett21

    Truck beats gun

    How do you miss at point blank? Like literally 3 feet from your target?
  2. hallett21

    OJ Simpson dead at age 76

    Didn’t he also have a form of arthritis that he could inflame without medication?
  3. hallett21

    When's this shit gonna stop?

    Not enough people talk about how it can go the other way.
  4. hallett21

    When's this shit gonna stop?

    It starts with society. Whether that’s local, state or nationwide. Society will then put in politicians who represent their values and interests. And then the cops can enforce laws the politicians write.
  5. hallett21

    You Might Want to Know, Getting Dicey-Iran

    Couldn’t get rates down so……
  6. hallett21

    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    Mom’s rental listed 3/18 and is under contract at ask 4/13. Tenant occupied until September 1.
  7. hallett21

    Happy Birthday OldSchoolBoats

    Happy birthday Joe!!!
  8. hallett21

    Business Opportunity - If you’re willing to park in Ludlow all day.

    I think this only pencils for a brick and motor location that is trying to add revenue. Basically a gas station that doesn’t want to invest in permanent EV chargers. A middle of nowhere restaurant could be another. You need instantaneous availability to the consumer. If they have to wait for...
  9. hallett21

    My favorite day of the year!!

    And if you can, I can pay the invoice with my return.
  10. hallett21

    Business Opportunity - If you’re willing to park in Ludlow all day.

    You laugh but I could see the market lol. Imagine the family of 4 in a luxury EV. Middle of the desert with 2 car seats and a pissed off wife. Swipe the AMEX and let’s do this! You could probably turn a pretty big alternator(s) on a tow truck too.
  11. hallett21

    Business Opportunity - If you’re willing to park in Ludlow all day.

    You’d need to be charging $250-300 a charge to make it pencil. Now if a tow truck is 2-3 hours away I’m sure people would pay. This unit is probably getting you 90-100 miles per hour of charge.
  12. hallett21

    Did we land on the moon?

    Would it have been possible to film from the ISS towards the sun/moon? Or would you just blow out the camera?
  13. hallett21

    At least he’s not a meth head

    He’s got a crane!
  14. hallett21

    Construction Questions

    You need one smoke per bedroom and one outside the immediate area (that’s gonna be open for interpretation lol). Bedroom 2/3 could share that immediate area. But you could probably get an inspector to be ok with one in the living room “splitting the difference”. Worst case is Bedroom 1 has one...
  15. hallett21

    Question on LED light mod

    Example of a trim kit. https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/219160/TCP-DTSK2.html?gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAAD_uQn7XDhQwxSvXn2ewSJZJ6ecDc&gclid=CjwKCAjwoPOwBhAeEiwAJuXRh7eAWm0TsZVYyEdSd6mMIm8CbaFMlDNZcNpQgUASXfXbDG8BfJdAFxoCa7QQAvD_BwE
  16. hallett21

    Question on LED light mod

    Your 120v connections need to happen inside of the fixture or a junction box to be legal. Modifying a fixture is probably going to remove all the company’s liability if it breaks and possibly burn the house down. Now that we got that out of the way lol. I wouldn’t use hot glue because the...
  17. hallett21

    Storming the beaches in Carlsbad

    Hey I’m all for closing down the border and enforcing legal immigration. I’m just stating there are hard working people who cross the border illegally. Are they sucking off the govt? Im sure. Will they vote D? Idk but the pessimistic part of me says yes. I just think the average red blooded...
  18. hallett21

    Storming the beaches in Carlsbad

    Did you mean 10-15 year old males (illegals)? If that’s the case, then yes I’ve experienced that they will outwork US male citizens age 10-20. I see so many gardeners, detailers/car wash guys, even some job sites with “kids”. Usually if it’s a job site it’s the metal guy picking up scrap etc...
  19. hallett21

    It’s get the people going

  20. hallett21

    At least he’s not a meth head

    Once again the crack head mind prevails lol. Now to harness the energy lol…..