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    DCB F29

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    DCB F29

    Sale Pending
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    DCB F29

    More photos, boat is fully capped.
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    DCB F29

    2006 DCB F29 2006 Kevlar reinforced with twin Ilmor 625’s, about 230 hours, IMCO SC drives on boxes with quad steering. Is in perfect mechanical condition. The Art of Design Paint. New Alcantara interior done by DCB. They completly rebuilt the interior with Penske composite board(no wood)...
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    [WTS] 2004 DCB F29

    Very nice.
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    Who is going to DCB opening?

    Very Impressive. Congratulations to the company.
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    Got My Son on a Waterski Yesterday

    Nice keep him going
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    Road trip to Tennessee part II warning : Rant

    I am going to Zion and DCB regatta. I was really close to towing the DCB out from Kentucky(near Nashville) I decided to rent a boat and fly out. Sounds like I made a good decision! We are lacking some tech in Kentucky but we have great roads.
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    Crazy v drive 25 warlock

    Cougar made a significant number of them.
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    Recommendations for Garmin/Rearview Camera Screen

    I want to set up a multifunction camera system in my boat. Wish list includes a rearview camera system(I can’t see around the back of the seat without leaning forward), chart plotter with weather radar, integration of my Fusion stereo system. Boat is a 06 DCB F29 with 625 Ilmors. This boat was...
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    DCB/Performance Boat Skiing

    Yes that is it's home base.
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    DCB/Performance Boat Skiing

    06 F-29
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    DCB/Performance Boat Skiing

    Doesn’t happen real quick. I think I have the video of coming out of the water. I ski on a Maja long board and my wife and daughter and law use a regular ski. We use a 200’ line. I think it’s another way to enjoy the boat. It sounds really great back there. I’m surprised more people don’t...
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    DCB/Performance Boat Skiing

    Anyone else ski behind their performance boat? I never really see it and don’t know why. I have had multiple v’s and tunnels and I have skied and tuned behind them all. However I will say a Manta Ray(flying tube) can go wrong fast)
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    WTB IMCO SCX spacer

    I have 1/2” spacers. May not help.
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    Big Changes at DCB

    I live in Kentucky just North of Nashville and we have manufacturing companies flocking to the Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama areas. It’s not just about the taxes. State and local governments offer big financial incentives, employees can have a better lifestyle because of a lower cost of living...
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    Oil Filter Burst......Do I need to look deeper?

    Anyway you can get me in touch with him? Thanks
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    Oil Filter Burst......Do I need to look deeper?

    My filter is on the block and not remote
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    Oil Filter Burst......Do I need to look deeper?

    Not any different oil. I have used Mobil 1 15w-50 as manual recommends. It split on a very hot day. I had run moderately hard then had lunch and was just cruising back to the marina. I do think I had tightened filter with the wrench more in the middle vs the end.
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    Oil Filter Burst......Do I need to look deeper?

    Here is the filter. Wow thanks for the responses!!! The oil pressure gauge mirrors the other side at 75lbs, never did drop. Would the pressure gauge show increased pressure at the filter?