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  1. Boat211

    Havasu AV gas locations

    When you pull up to gate 5, there is a sign with a number to call. Gate 5 is just on the south side of Hanger 24 restaurant. Call the number and they will open the gate. Go around to the right to the big white fuel tanks. There is a pump that takes credit cards. It was $6.20 a gallon on Sunday.
  2. Boat211

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    🤯 Mind blown!!
  3. Boat211

    The 21' and under 70+ mph Boat pic thread

    I asked Jerry about him not long ago. Glad to hear he is doing well.
  4. Boat211

    Havasu AV gas locations

    It's real easy.
  5. Boat211

    Havasu AV gas locations

    Ended up getting it at the airport. I was told they are getting rid of avgas at pumps in Havasu. Airport will be the only option. I cant confirm that but is what I was told at Chevron near Arby's.
  6. Boat211

    Havasu AV gas locations

    Any Avgas locations on south side of town?
  7. Boat211

    Notta ‘nother 21RC build thread

  8. Boat211

    Cavitation Plate Question

    Super nice work on the pads.
  9. Boat211

    '70 Howard Wood Deck

    I don't think the upholstery could be much more perfect.
  10. Boat211

    Notta ‘nother 21RC build thread

    I wish my trailer had this type of jack. My side-mount deal has not held up well at all. It's just the type with the circlip that holds it on.
  11. Boat211

    Notta ‘nother 21RC build thread

    What have you been using for the jack on the front of the trailers?
  12. Boat211

    Mini Regatta Parker 2024

    Was great to see them when I pulled up to Fox's.
  13. Boat211

    New (To Me) Race Boat

    Always really liked that boat. Congrats.
  14. Boat211

    LAM - Got a promotion.

  15. Boat211

    When your buddy “Bullies” you to take the day off. What can you do in 4 hrs?

    What an incredible day. Would like to have my pilots license. I really enjoy the view from the sky.
  16. Boat211


    Truck could be bought if someone is serious enough
  17. Boat211

    It’s a Leap Year

    I think it should always be an added Saturday. More weekend please.
  18. Boat211

    Notta ‘nother 21RC build thread

    I agree on the water pump. I am dealing with one on my flat right now and it's a hassle.
  19. Boat211

    … Prayers Really Needed…

    Thinking of you all