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  1. HolyMoly

    Looking for windscreen brackets

    I've got a 23' Sleekcraft (1975). It has the little low profile windscreen with the reverse angle towards the front. Looking for the little brackets that hold it on. It looks like it is cast and chromed. Anyone know where to get them, or some alternative to these?
  2. HolyMoly

    Boat I sold 5 years ago I just sold again!

    So I sold a boat here on RDP 5 years ago - 1966 Schiada 16' v-drive. Complete boat, but complete project too. The guy I sold it to never came to pick it up even though he had fully paid for the boat ($1600). After years of storing it, and not hearing back, I sold it again...for $1. I was sick...
  3. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    Who here has experience getting dirt bikes (or other vehicles) titled in the US that don't have a record of direct import? I've got a bike with a Japan title (KTM EXC 500) that was shipped here in parts so the record of import shows it as parts. It was shipped here for racing purposes. But...
  4. HolyMoly

    Need your likes on FB!

    Hey RDPer's..the absentee OG angry midget member #17 here! My friends have started a new Tae Kwon Do martial arts studio in Murrieta, CA (near French Valley Airport) and they need likes on their FaceBook page to help spread the word. I'm a certified instructor there and I specialize in...
  5. HolyMoly

    RC Crackers

    At the ama expo
  6. HolyMoly

    I got a couple of extra go pros and a bunch of mounts...

    and I don't know what to do with them? :fighting:
  7. HolyMoly

    Froggy was ahead of his time

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes:
  8. HolyMoly

    VW Eyes on the Road ad

  9. HolyMoly

    Perris MX

    My 11 year old had his first day on a MX track. He had a blast! Goofed off on the peewee track for a while then graduated to the vet track. Couple of really good kid out there...giving him pointers. Found a trainer that I think I gonna hire...watched him with another kid and then came over...
  10. HolyMoly

    Can tripping on acid help cure brain clouds?

    Just asking. :P
  11. HolyMoly

    McRib...the awkward teenage years.

  12. HolyMoly

    Hey JBB....

    Can you believe www.lilbastard.com is taken? by a midget comedian no less! I'm suing for infringement! :P
  13. HolyMoly

    More horsing around...

    My sister's horse - Panadero XLVI - Pure Spanish Horse.
  14. HolyMoly

    Crazy Russian dash cam footage!

  15. HolyMoly


    Home made truck. Looked like some one had some sheet metal lying around. Suspension is custom too.
  16. HolyMoly

    Are you a God?

  17. HolyMoly


    You won't know the facts until you've seen the fiction.