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  1. Foscheck

    Off Road Radiator & GPS

    13 x 31.5 C&R double pass Radiator with two 12” fans - $400.00 Lowrance Baja 540c GPS - $200.00 SOLD
  2. Foscheck

    Roofer in Havasu

    I have a friend checking into re-roofing his Havasu house. Anyone have a good reference? Any companies to stay away from?
  3. Foscheck

    Boat Accident

    Anyone know about a tour boat vs. toon accident near the sand bar today?
  4. Foscheck

    Trailer Locks

    I've been hearing of a lot of trailer/boat theft lately, and its got me thinking. What's the best tongue lock for storing a trailer? Seems like everything on the market has its weaknesses. I realize that given enough time, and the right tools, nothing is bulletproof. What says the RDP brain trust.
  5. Foscheck

    Let's see your knives

    I've always enjoyed the looks of a well made knife. I think I caught the bug to collect a few. I know there's no end to the cool stuff that RDP inmates have. Any suggestions regarding brand and type are appreciated.
  6. Foscheck

    New Member

    After visiting for more than a year, I've officially joined the RDP community. The site has been entertaining, educational, and full of information about the place I love. My wife and I have been boating on Lake Havasu for over 25 years. We have a modest house on the North side of town and...