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  1. Cuse Alum

    Desert Storm Street Show?? New product launch

    Who is going to be at Desert Storm? I have a new product for boats that we are launching and I would love to speak to a few of you about it and get your opinions. I have samples we can apply to your boat to test with. Hit me up and we can meet tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. I know I am being...
  2. Cuse Alum

    Barrett Jackson purchase

    Fulfilled a childhood dream and purchased a ‘34 Ford Tudor Sedan from Barrett Jackson! The car was built by the late great Boyd Coddington in 2003! It was delivered to the new owner with 1993 miles on the bill of sale. I purchased it Thursday with 1997 miles 18 years later and it was only Driven...
  3. Cuse Alum

    Bittersweet Day -Boat Sold...

    I sold and delivered my boat to the new owners storage in Havasu today. Anybody else find it bittersweet when selling your boat?! I loved the boat but my wife said it was to fast and not a family boat. I learned early on in marriage Happy wife = Happy life! Now we are on the hunt for a class A...
  4. Cuse Alum

    SOLD...... RARE 2006 Cobra 290 Viper SXT Modified V bottom $89,000

    RARE 2006 Cobra 290 Viper Open Bow-Mid Cabin 29’ modified V bottom. This is V Hull with a cat design! Best of both worlds. Extremely light boat for 29 ft. at 4500 pounds. 95mph on GPS recall. T.C.M. 620hp engine, Imco Extreme 1000 upper drive unit with Imco SC lower. Outdrive has zero hours on...
  5. Cuse Alum

    London Bridge 1 Bedroom Condo for Memorial Day Up for grabs...

    Hello Everyone... I have 1 bedroom condo at the London Bridge Resort for this week Thursday through Tuesday! I had plans to come out for Memorial Day but the boat is in the shop and I don't think its going to be ready. I am selling it for what I paid for it. $1350. If you want the boat slip in...
  6. Cuse Alum

    Boat towing service on Havasu?

    What are the towing assist services you can get a membership to on Havasu? Which one is better? I want to get it before Memorial Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cuse Alum

    Serial Number on Teague Motor?

    I just had my insurance canceled because I have not been able to produce the serial number on my Teague motor. I cant find the damn serial.. Anybody help me out locating it on the engine? FYI.. I already called Teague so don't suggest that!:) They tried to look it up and could not find it...
  8. Cuse Alum

    Old School stereo DIN to JL Audio MM100s Bezel

    I am switching out my stereo this off season. I am going from the old school DIN to the JL Audio MM100s. I need to find a bezel that covers the old DIN size and fits the MM100s. Anybody know where I can get a nice metal one? All I am finding is cheap plastic bezels. Something like this but...
  9. Cuse Alum

    New to us Cobra 29 Viper SXT - Back in the boating world...

    Thanks for all the advice on financing and insurance RDP'ers.. We now have our new to us boat! Back in the boating world after a 4 year break while living in Indiana. Now located in Phoenix and have 2 Havasu trips booked... Let the fun times begin! Shake out trip this weekend to a local lake...
  10. Cuse Alum

    Insurance for a 2006 Cobra boat?

    Last week I posted about needing a good lender. Now I am looking for a reasonably priced insurance broker for a 2006 29ft V Bottom at 620hp! Ready go.... Tim Adrian
  11. Cuse Alum

    Boat Loan?

    I know this has been discussed before.. who is the best lender with reasonable rates? Looking at getting a boat again after moving back West... Ready go... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Cuse Alum

    Owner of this boat?

    Does anybody know the owner of this boat? It is for sale on craigslist but the phone number link does not work so I cannot contact the owner. Would like more info about the boat if its still for sale! Tim Adrian
  13. Cuse Alum

    London Bridge timeshare use 9/16-9/23

    I have Friday Sept 16th through the 23rd reserved at the London Bridge resort. It's a new 2 bedroom with two bathrooms, living room and dining room. These rooms retail for around $250 a night. Make me an offer to take this week stay off my hands. I can't use it! You can leave your boat in the...
  14. Cuse Alum

    London Bridge Timeshare use - 2016 week

  15. Cuse Alum

    London Bridge Timeshare use - 2016 week

    Hey guys... Anybody looking for a week at the London Bridge Resort?! I am selling my 2016 week at the London Bridge Resort. This is a two bedroom, two bathroom with a living room and full kitchen. This is a brand new remodeled unit. I have it reserved right now Sep 16th - Sep 23rd. You can...
  16. Cuse Alum

    Anybody Looking for a clean fast family boat?! 2009 Magic Scepter

    Hey Guys, I am moving to Indiana and do not think I am going to take my boat with me! The details are posted below.... The trailer was redone this summer by Extreme. It is now powder coated all white! Please pass this a long and let me know if you have any questions. If this is not the correct...
  17. Cuse Alum

    Boating In Indiana?!

    I am looking at accepting a job right outside Indianapolis, Indiana. I own a 28' Magic Scepter and was wondering if anybody knows the boating options in Indiana. Is this the type of boat you find in Indiana? I would really like to keep it but don't want to be totally out of place! Any advice...
  18. Cuse Alum

    Inmates in Havasu this weekend?

    Taking the first trip of the summer to Havasu this weekend! I know kind of late in the season.... We had a baby in April that killed our summer boating plans. Who else will be in Havasu this weekend 18th-22nd?? I would love to see some of your boats in person and grab a drink at the Turtle. I...
  19. Cuse Alum

    NEw 29 Nordic Deck for 256k?

    Ok RD friends.. I love what Nordic is doing with the new cats they are building. The 29 Nordic Deckboat is one of my favorite cats on the market... BUT is it really worth 256k? This seems high for this boat. Is it just me? http://www.rockstarboats.com/2015-29-nordic-deckboat.html