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  1. RVR2SNO

    [WTB] KTM 50 SX

    Looking to step up from a PW50. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  2. RVR2SNO

    Move over Maverick, I have a new favorite pilot!

    Southwest Pilot caught in hot mic in San Fran. “Yeah, f--- this place. Goddamn liberal f----," the pilot can be heard saying in the recording, which was archived and verified by Live ATC, a website that livestreams air traffic control transmissions. "F------ weirdos. Probably driving around in...
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    Smooth move GM. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/gm-announces-the-end-of-building-diesel-gas-powered-cars-and-trucks/?fbclid=IwAR2bbuOBpZHUcviinVs6FZ6vJ9IbKmr5jVg92ieEKhMQ3XzFIlCihvR4G_0
  4. RVR2SNO

    Air Intakes

    Looking for an intake system for my wife's 2018 suburban and went to K&N's website, which says, "This intake system is not legal for street use in the following US states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York...
  5. RVR2SNO

    Alaska Fishing Trip Recommendations

    Looking to book a guided Salmon/Halibut fishing trip with my father for this summer (if there is availability) or next. I know many of the inmates have been, so I am looking for some recommendations.
  6. RVR2SNO

    Wireless Carrier

    Thinking of making the switch from AT&T.... Spectrum Mobile has some good bundles and is on Verizon's network.
  7. RVR2SNO

    Truck Tool Storage Box/Chest

    What type of tool storage program are you ruining in your trucks? Im in the market for a chest that’ll fit under my cover and in front of my 5th wheel hitch. Sick of packing tools for every trip. Before I buy something though I wanted to start a thread to see what type of program inmates are...
  8. RVR2SNO

    FB Hacked?

    Heard FaceBook got hacked and is posting porn. Love it.
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    Looking at some new flooring - hardwood, engineered hardwood, or _____? Need about 2,000 sq ft. 1,500 sq ft will be installed on a raised foundation and 500 on a new addition/slab. With 3 kids under 7 I want and need something durable. No pool. Have some cheapo laminate now and I want...
  10. RVR2SNO

    Need some help ref a real estate transaction....

    Need some help quarterbacking this... In short, my mother-in-law (single) is selling her house, paying off my loan/buying mine and moving into my house, and we're buying a house down the street. My MIL plans to sell her current house. Estimated value is $650,000. House is paid in full. Prop...
  11. RVR2SNO

    Service Manual

    Anybody have the service manual for a 2018 RZR Turbo?
  12. RVR2SNO

    Tire Shop Owners

    Anyone on the boards own a tire shop in the West OC, Lakewood, Long Beach area? I’m looking for 4 new 5th wheel trailer tires. Sailun S637 st235/85r16 14 ply I can bring the tires to you 2 at a tire. Shoot me a PM. thanks.
  13. RVR2SNO

    Oil & Grease Axles?

    I have Lippert 8k oil bath axles on my toy hauler. Can I pack the bearings with grease and run oil, so this doesn’t happen again? Guessing I developed a small leak and poof. Lost a tire coming back from Pirates on Sunday. I was just outside of Barstow and limped into So Cal RV Center. That...
  14. RVR2SNO

    Veto looming

    Poor monkeys have 80 million pissed off Americans watching. Can’t sneak anything by now! #theyknow
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    It’s going down this week. Stay safe patriots.
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    Do. The. Math.

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    MAGA Maps

    My money is on Trump being sworn in on Jan 20, and I’ll be in attendance!
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    What size sand tires?

    Just picked up a 2018 RZR Turbo. Looking to pick up some sand tires for an occasional Glamis trip. I don’t need anything fancy since I’ll use them once a year, if that. Currently has 30” GMZ Ivan Stewart’s and 15 Method 401s. Should I look for the same size sand tire or run something smaller...
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    SCOTUS activated.

  20. RVR2SNO

    A must watch. 👍🏽 👍🏽