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  1. kevnmcd

    2013 BMW 550i

    Selling the wife’s 2013 BMW 550i w/M Sport package. Fully loaded except heads up display and heated seats. Current mileage is in the pics below. Tires are fairly new on all 4 corners. Body/paint in excellent condition with no dings or dents. Always garaged. Was in one minor accident where a...
  2. kevnmcd

    Need an ECU programmed

    Have a buddy that needs an ECU tune for a new motor. Went from a 454 to a 515 and needs some tuning. Who in Havasu could do that and is knowledgeable? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. kevnmcd

    Pool table

    9 ft pool table for sale. Very good condition. $500 obo. Must be gone by March 15. Located in Havasu. Posting for a friend. Call (928) 200-8067 for info.
  4. kevnmcd

    [WTS] Connelly Mid SX single ski

    Barely used. Located in Havasu. Asking $100 obo. Posting for a friend. Any questions call (928) 200-8067. I could bring it back to So Cal on Monday if needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. kevnmcd

    Props to Saleen Fiberglass

    Needed to have the keel fixed along with the swim step and some misc scratches. Pedro and crew did the work on time when they said they would and sent pics through the process updating their progress. I would highly recommend them for any of your gelcoat needs. Thanks Saleen! Sent from my...
  6. kevnmcd

    [WTS] 2001 Conquest Topcat 1

    2001 Conquest Topcat 1. Brand new interior this year. Brand new trailer last year. New Teague motor (+/-700hp) with less than 100 hours. Max Machine Worx upgraded outdrive. Located in Havasu. $95,000 obo. Posting for a friend. Call (928) 200-8067 for more info.
  7. kevnmcd

    Gary.....was that you?

    Coming into Thompson’s bay today a toon called my name as I was passing by but didn’t see who it was. Was that you Gary? If so, sorry I didn’t recognize you. Would have stopped to chat. Next time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. kevnmcd

    Did some cleaning today

    Finally got an opportunity to do some much needed cleaning on the boat today. Usually when we are in Havasu we are always on the water but had some time today since we decided not to boat today. Ever since we have had the boat it has always had a brown stain below the water line. Even a good...
  9. kevnmcd

    Met a member - 85RiverRat

    Nice meeting you today Eric. Always good to meet another member and even nicer to meet a fellow Hallett owner. Hope to run into you another time and talk boating over a beer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. kevnmcd

    Direct Tv help in Havasu

    I just recently switched to direct tv at home and got an extra box for the Havasu house. I have a dish already up and all the cabling installed but need help connecting it to the house cable outside in the cabinet by the electric panel. Anyone have a contact out here that I could call that...
  11. kevnmcd

    Turbo replacement on Duramax (LBZ)

    Anyone had to replace their turbo on the LBZ duramax? Getting a P2563 and a P003A code on my 2006 with 290k miles on it. From what I have read on various forums that means the veins in the turbo are not working correctly and/or sticking from soot buildup which kind of makes sense based on the...
  12. kevnmcd

    WTS - Stagecoach tickets

    Pair of Stagecoach passes for all 3 days including an all line shuttle passes. $800 for both.
  13. kevnmcd

    WTS - Stagecoach tickets

  14. kevnmcd

    Lake Nacimiento

    Spent the weekend in Paso Robles and wanted to check out the lake level. The gates were open and letting out water it was so full. Here are a few pics I took.
  15. kevnmcd

    Pool equipment repair

    Anyone in So Cal do pool equipment repair? I have a pool heater that is dead. It is 12 years old. No digital lights. Typically it will say off when not in use but nothing now. Won't fire up or anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. kevnmcd

    Diesel mechanic

    Anyone have a good diesel mechanic that they have used in OC or Havasu that could replace the water pump on a 2006 Duramax for less than $1100? Just seems like it could be done for less than that but I want someone that will do it right.
  17. kevnmcd

    Need a rebuild

    I have a buddy in Havasu that needs a rebuild on a 502 mpi in a conquest deck and would like to add some hp to it +\- 100 hp with some minor mods. Everyone in Havasu is telling him to convert to carburetor because they don't know fuel injection mods. Who would you use and why and do you have...
  18. kevnmcd

    95 closed just off the 40

    FYI, The 95 south is completely closed just off the 40 at mile marker 199
  19. kevnmcd

    Thank you!!!!!

    Have to throw a big shout out to Paul (Paul65k) and Scott (tamalewagon) here on the boards. These guys rock! If anyone ever needs a realtor (Paul) and/or a loan guy (Scott), these 2 are the best! Thank you guys for helping us get into a Havasu house! The family couldn't be happier!
  20. kevnmcd

    Pool heater maintenance

    Pool heater is acting up. Small explosions when it cycles on sometimes. Wondering if anyone else has had that problem before and what they did to fix it? If not, anyone know a good repair guy in south OC?