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  1. DickieB

    Towing a 3 axle trailer with tire & wheel missing

    broke a leaf spring on the trailer, boat(Conquest deck) is in Parker, need to get it to Franks Trailer in Havasu. Gonna get the boat to ramp which is close and launch, tie it up and then take the empty trailer to Havasu with the axle snugged up with a couple of heavy duty winch straps. So...
  2. DickieB

    Is this guy an inmate? Cool Old Beezer!

    Saw this going west on Thunderbird Road this morning. Nice old boat, figuring early to mid 60's?
  3. DickieB

    Parker peeps, looking fo a little help with storage

    We spend April, May and June at Fox's.Looking for an enclosed place to leave a 28' Top Cat when we're not there. Needs to be 35' at least. I know this is a crazy request, but someone out there may have a garage or something that I don't know about. Seems like none of the storage places want to...
  4. DickieB

    Dependable Trailer Work in Phx area

    OK Guys.....I'm depending on you. I recently purchased a damn nice Conquest on a 3 axle Zieman trailer. Nice trailer, want to " Freshen it up" a little, paint, check for stress cracks, bunks, etc. I just put new wheel bearings on all 3 axles and put 7 new tires on the trailer. I'd like...
  5. DickieB

    I gotta ask: Does ANYONE really give a shit about the Kardasians and their lives?

    What have any of them ever done and who really gives a shit about all their little babies etc? Just wonderin'.................(I guess I just get tired of hearing about them.............) Maybe I just watch too much TMZ...:eek
  6. DickieB

    Boat Insurance

    Hypothetically, let's assume I buy a Conquest Top Cat deck boat with a 750 HP blower motor. Who's the go to guy for insurance, assuming my record is spotless and the owner is 72 years old. Are there any deals out there? My State Farm peeps that own my entire life and have for the last 40...
  7. DickieB

    California Fires

    California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency over the brush fires that broke out Monday. It doesn?t fool the fire marshal. California taxes are so high, business regulations are so onerous and profit margins are so slim that God?s decided to burn it down for the...
  8. DickieB

    Go to guy for RV repair in Parker?

    Seems the toilet in my 5th wheel "Took a shit", so to speak. I came back to Phx. on Thursday nite, left wifie and crew there at Fox's in the 5th wheel. She calls Saturday evening and says the toilet broke...........won't flush. Said something went "Snap" and that was it. I have NO IDEA what...
  9. DickieB

    2009 25' Sun Tracker Regency Pontoon

    Nice, clean, unabused, Old Bastard owned 25' Sun Tracker Regency Pontoon. Mercruiser Alpha 1 135 HP Stern Drive, dual biminis, dual batteries, nice stereo, fresh water sink, spare prop. Full cover, tandem trailer with dual axle brakes, new tires last year. We don't use it and it needs to...
  10. DickieB

    Mexican Weather Report

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/dsYfn8yg41w?autoplay=1&rel=0 Mexican Weather Report as interpreted by an Aussie..............
  11. DickieB

    Sun Tracker Regency Pontoon

    Nice, very clean, unabused, old bastard owned 25' Regency Edition Sun Tracker Pontoon. 135 HP Mercruiser Alpha One, Dual Batteries, Dual Biminis, nice stereo, full cover, 4 wheel brakes on tandem trailer, new tires last year with new spare. Spare prop, (new) Boat lives in Peoria, AZ. Fun...
  12. DickieB

    Toons in salt water?

    Anyone ever put their toon in the salt water? Two weeks ago, I saw several in Mission Bay. Does this really mess things up? Do I have to do anything more than the normal wash down? Just wonderin'
  13. DickieB

    40' Skater on the river?

    This past weekend there appeared to be what I thought was a solid white 40' Skater romping up and down the river at about 75-80 or so............VERY NOISY so probably had BIG Power........Seemed to be a little large for the river but pretty damn impressive! Anyone know who that was and was it...
  14. DickieB

    2009 Sun Tracker Regency Toon

    Nice, unabused 25' Sun Tracker Pontoon. Mercruiser Alpha 1 @ 135 HP. Top of the line Regency edition. Great Stereo, dual batteries, tandem trailer with 4 wheel brakes, new tires. Full snap on cover, dual biminies, spare propeller (New) Old Bastard Owner, clean, clean, clean. $20K firm, no...
  15. DickieB

    Lost a great guy Friday night

    My friend of 40+ years passed in his sleep at his house in the keys. I'm sure a lot of you knew Byron Ashley, husband of Lari for about 46 years, father of Lisa and Lauri, grandfather and great grandfather and owner of 36' Nor Tec "Phat Cat", Conquest deck, "Scaredy Cat" and many others...
  16. DickieB

    Anybody know what model this is?

    All I know is that it's a 1991
  17. DickieB

    Joe Cocker Dead at 70

    I just read he died early today. I'm not smart enough to post the article, maybe somebody else on the board can..........Sad deal, he was a legend!:(
  18. DickieB

    What the hell.........Let's see your pontoons!

    Sorry, this is what it's come down to.................;)
  19. DickieB

    Oh, so you own a boat?

  20. DickieB

    Soooo, Let's welcome all the Syrian refugees with open arms!

    Just got to thinking..........who in the HELL is going to house and feed them all? (Spelled: The American Taxpayer) Anyone else out there feeling a little squeamish?