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  1. HolyMoly

    Bobo + slide whistle = music video

    wheeler made me do it
  2. HolyMoly

    RD SUX!

  3. HolyMoly

    Hostility on the boards

    Have you tried a different prop?
  4. HolyMoly

    Looking for windscreen brackets

    I've got a 23' Sleekcraft (1975). It has the little low profile windscreen with the reverse angle towards the front. Looking for the little brackets that hold it on. It looks like it is cast and chromed. Anyone know where to get them, or some alternative to these?
  5. HolyMoly

    What's your comfort animal? How about an "emotional support peacock?"

    When I was 8 years old I watched my mother kill a spider with a tea cozy. Years Later, I realized it was not a spider. It was my Uncle Harold.
  6. HolyMoly

    Boat I sold 5 years ago I just sold again!

    So I sold a boat here on RDP 5 years ago - 1966 Schiada 16' v-drive. Complete boat, but complete project too. The guy I sold it to never came to pick it up even though he had fully paid for the boat ($1600). After years of storing it, and not hearing back, I sold it again...for $1. I was sick...
  7. HolyMoly

    Electric trailer dolly/mover

    It has the little wheels in the back that would make it tough to maneuver. I've never tried.
  8. HolyMoly

    [WTS] 2010 kx450f

    Dude, I'm older than you and I ride all the time. Granted, it's taken 9 months to recover from my last separated shoulder. I'm riding in the NORRA 1000 in April...solo! Edit - Croz - very nice bike! I'd buy it buy I'm swimming in KTM's from Japan, plus I own 12 other dirt bikes already! The...
  9. HolyMoly

    Electric trailer dolly/mover

    I have a "junk" yellow one I inherited from my dad. Amazingly, the junk dolly moved his 25' Connelly v-drive and 23' sleekcraft just fine for an 82 year old guy. Just as powerful as the "non-junk" ones. The biggest problem with the cheaper ones was that they utilized a ball. For any trailers...
  10. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    Yep...I don't know you at all! And RD doesn't sux. LMAO! Stay classy San Diego, and thanks for stopping buy!
  11. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    It's hard to skewer a tweaker with a pitch fork.
  12. HolyMoly

    Jet Boats Sux!

    I haven't been here in a while, but it's nice to see that jet botes don't always include a group of naked dudes and a lost cow.
  13. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    Thank you for you positive contribution to this thread. I didn't think Nazi camp got out until eight? Did you decide to skip arts and crafts?
  14. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    Thanks for all the replies. Good suggestions on alternates.
  15. HolyMoly

    Black market dirt bike title

    Who here has experience getting dirt bikes (or other vehicles) titled in the US that don't have a record of direct import? I've got a bike with a Japan title (KTM EXC 500) that was shipped here in parts so the record of import shows it as parts. It was shipped here for racing purposes. But...
  16. HolyMoly

    Road rage 14 freeway - Harley vs Car - Canyon Country

    Fuck you, I win!
  17. HolyMoly

    Morning Wood

    So, your tranny is named Seal?
  18. HolyMoly

    Morning Wood

    Last time you had morning wood, you blew a tranny.
  19. HolyMoly

    Happiest cows come from California

    Is this a call out thread?