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  1. Cajun

    Nano V8 DOHC 45CI

    Sorry, 45CC. Built by hand. http://m.carbuzz.com/Article.aspx?Id=16755
  2. Cajun

    New Hobby

    Paint ball guns and squirrels. All summer long, you could hear them giggling in the trees above the pool. Dropping pecans shells into the pool, disrupting the Eco system. Today, that changed. $10 for 2 guns, a hopper, and a co2 can. $3 for a refill. $20/1000 paintballs. :D
  3. Cajun

    You're doing it wrong...

  4. Cajun

    Truck kills 22

    This is brutally sad. PINETOWN - A driver with a camera attached to the dashboard of his vehicle, has captured a horror crash that has claimed 22 lives in a single hit. Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=954_1378470863#3vkAABWyWX12jbRu.99 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=954_1378470863
  5. Cajun

    MTV VMA's WTH???

    What happened to "artists"? My wife and I here watching with the kids and we are just in awe of how awkward this is. Miley Cyrus is bizarro.
  6. Cajun

    Oh, grow a sack

    But let's not overdo it. 132 pound scrotum. Warren is the subject of TLC's The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum, which aired Monday. He had surgery in April to remove a debilitating mass from his scrotum that forced him to wear a hoody as pants to carry his enlarged sex organ...
  7. Cajun

    iPhone 4+ to S4 Active?

    There's no doubt that Apple revolutionized the market with the iPhone and left all other brands scrambling to keep up or match the smart phone. Apple managed to get you in with iTunes and the App Store, which primarily has kept me from switching over. I don't really iPod music, so I'm not afraid...
  8. Cajun

    My Sheltered Wife

    I can't believe she doesn't get the reference in this commercial. Gasp.
  9. Cajun

    BoOM BooM bOOm

  10. Cajun

    No jetpack, FlyBoard

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHL16av4C9k&feature=youtube_gdata_player Vin'd? Fuck vin.
  11. Cajun

    Bubble Pool

    Making lasting summer memories for the kids.
  12. Cajun

    Zimmerman Wins Florida Lottery

    $35,000,000 Could this guy get any luckier of true? http://www.theonion.com/articles/george-zimmerman-wins-florida-state-lottery,33139/
  13. Cajun

    Flying high

  14. Cajun

    Helicopter Sighting

    Haulin' ass across lower Louisiana with Texas plates and a little R22 in tow. Name that inmate.
  15. Cajun

    Water Car Vin'd?

  16. Cajun

    Facebook Business Page?

    What do you have to do to make a Facebook business page WITHOUT being a person page? I don't get it. :(
  17. Cajun

    Music people...

    Tell me this isn't bad ass... https://vimeo.com/m/43426940
  18. Cajun

    We got a hot one

    Plant emergency. Sounds like a jet taking off. Evac horns. Deluge gun off the right.
  19. Cajun

    21 Daytona Vid

  20. Cajun

    Happy Mexican Day