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    Boat Fire

    So I ended up getting COVID from my Dad at my sisters wedding two weekends ago and have been quarantined on the boat for the last two weeks. The wife didn’t get it and has tested negative twice since so I elected to stay here. Today was my last day in quarantine and there was some serious...


    Normally not one to post stuff like this but are you f’ing kidding me! https://www.google.com/amp/s/fox8.com/news/coronavirus/new-cdc-report-shows-94-of-covid-19-deaths-in-us-had-underlying-medical-conditions/amp/...

    Loose Cannon Memorial Weekend

    Finished my last final for my MBA at Chapman last night. Loaded up this morning and cleared the jetty in Newport around 10:30am. Our plan was to head to the backside of Catalina. It was a washing machine for the first 14 or so miles with a strong southerly and a decent size west swell. Made it...

    Who’s on Zoom?

    We switched over to it from Go To Meeting for work and have been using it a lot. My school is also using it. I may or may not be in class right now... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Entertainment for the Quarantined Inmates

    Sometimes when it rains it pours. I waited to post this for a while to let the dust settle a bit but figured I’d give you quarantined inmates some entertainment now that the issue has mostly been resolved... Three weekends ago I was ready to blow off some steam and the boat needed to be run...

    Nice Little Afternoon

    Finished a 14 day shutdown project at work Friday morning. Put in 50 hours of OT last week so decided to play hooky Friday afternoon. Ran to Catalina with one of my sub’s and looked for fish. Hooked up a barracuda within 15 minutes of arrival followed shortly after by 3 nice yellows. We were...

    F-150 5.0 Dying

    I’ve got a 2013 F-150 with the 5.0 and 124k miles. Been a great truck with no issues so far. This morning woke up and the battery was dead. This makes sense because the battery was original and has been on the fritz for a while. Jumped it this morning and replaced the battery with a new one...

    Where is it?

    Circa 1994 or so. Me in the foreground and Dad’s boat at the time in the back. They used to frequent Mohave and Mead. You pick the spot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Bumpy Weekend in Catalina

    I haven’t posted in forever but figured I’d share last weekend’s adventure for the inmates. I finally got a free weekend to go fish so I signed up for the Catalina Classic fishing tournament which is put on by a club I belong to. I grabbed a few buddies and we headed into the slop to the...

    Wasn't Busy Enough

    Been slammed lately with a ton of work, my part time MBA program and life in general. Figured I had too much time on my hands so why not get engaged [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Where I Wish I Was!

    Haven't posted in forever but here is a quick drone shot of my boat running into Catalina at the end of the summer. Work and school have been crazy busy lately. Wish I was here again!

    For the Contractors out there - thanks Jerry

    A little heads up for those of you who are not already aware. Our friends in Sacramento have approved a new law that goes into effect at the beginning of 2018. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB1701 From what I understand this basically holds all...

    Fuck California

    Seriously fuck this state http://www.thelog.com/snw/sb-1-and-boaters-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-gas-tax-hike/#comment-37175 I usually keep my politics to myself but I am so pissed I can barely speak. The gas tax increase applies to boaters as well. The tax on marine diesel is projected...

    Chased off a thief last night

    I am still fuming about this one. So last night I was crashing on my boat in Newport. It's at a public marina that is in a really nice neighborhood but does not have gates on the docks. I had all the covers on the boat including the cockpit cover but it was unzipped from when I boarded through...

    Crystaliner 29 Projects (continued)

    So this isn't quite river boating related but might be an interesting thread for some. I bought my ocean boat back in July and have been a member of a local yacht club in Newport for a while. Each year most yacht clubs have an event called opening day. This originated back east when most...

    CSU Tuition Increase Outrage

    Are you fucking kidding me? They raised tuition $264 a year...yes a year or $22 a month and students are all bent. What a joke. I had books that cost that much each when I was in school... My generation is a bunch of pussies. We are all screwed [emoji43]

    Art on the boat?

    Do you have art on your boat? [emoji12]. Today after work I got around to hanging a canvas I had made in the kitchen on the boat. It's got some sentimental value which I wanted. The picture is from the paddle out memorial for my cousin who passed away just over two years ago at 23. His younger...

    Where to MBA

    So I am seriously going back to school part time to get my MBA. I am just about six years out of school with a strong resume and now am back working at my family's business. I have a degree in engineering for my undergrad and solid operational work experience in our field. With that said I don't...

    When you know what you want

    So my parents are remodeling and have been cleaning out a bunch of old stuff. They found this drawing from when I was about 8. I grew out of the flames. Other than that pretty close to what I ended up with 20 years later though

    San Diego Boating

    Posted up a few pictures in the tapatalk picture thread over the last few weeks but figured I'd put it all together and give some of the story. I had a facility shutdown I was working in La Jolla. The company was going to pay to put me up in a hotel but figured it would be an adventure to...