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  1. Cajun

    Nano V8 DOHC 45CI

    Sorry, 45CC. Built by hand. http://m.carbuzz.com/Article.aspx?Id=16755
  2. Cajun

    Raptor Boats New Site.

    Lol. His website was touting #1 in power boat racing, and also encouraged asking any questions. So, I asked him to back up an obviously illegitimate claim, as did others. I was very curious how they came to be number one, and in what areas excelled them ahead of Eliminator, DCB, TCB, Fountain...
  3. Cajun

    Raptor Boats New Site.

    Keep reading, Copernicus.
  4. Cajun

    Raptor Boats New Site.

    From your link: Raptor Powerboats Owner Rock Chilcote #1 in Powerboat Racing with its flawless designs and performance. Just curious what the claims of being #1 in powerboat racing are based from? That's a pretty bold statement considering the pool you're swimming in.
  5. Cajun

    New boat motor??

    Well, if they'd like to loan one out for a PR type operation, I'd be glad to drop it in my 21 Daytona for a year. ;)
  6. Cajun

    What a difference a year makes.

    For years and years I held off the notion of divorce because of the kids and people thinking I was being selfish. In the end, it was my life, and I didn't like where it was. Divorce can destroy everything you ever knew about yourself emotionally. Every letter in the mail from her attorney will...
  7. Cajun

    New Hobby

    Sheer luck. My wife and I were on our warm up walk and our neighbors had a small garage sale. It was a one day 8 to noon thingy. We walked up the driveway and I spotter these shiny little aluminum pieces. Working or not, at that price, they were going home with me.
  8. Cajun

    New Hobby

    Luckily, we actually have squirrel season here. Lol, I'm not looking to kill them, just color them.
  9. Cajun

    New Hobby

    Garage sale. One was $1. The other was $2. The hopper was $5. I gave her a $10.
  10. Cajun

    New Hobby

    Paint ball guns and squirrels. All summer long, you could hear them giggling in the trees above the pool. Dropping pecans shells into the pool, disrupting the Eco system. Today, that changed. $10 for 2 guns, a hopper, and a co2 can. $3 for a refill. $20/1000 paintballs. :D
  11. Cajun

    Help me find a little out board

    It was a joke as well. ;)
  12. Cajun

    Help me find a little out board

    That's hurtful
  13. Cajun

    What A Sad, Sad Deal!!

    That is so sad to hear. I couldn't imagine being the factor in losing my wife. :(
  14. Cajun

    Help me find a little out board

    It has potential
  15. Cajun

    Best Hangover drink is out.!!!

    Bloody Mary
  16. Cajun

    Quitting tobacco products.

    I'm 43. I quit over. 5 years ago, after smoking for 20 years. The first 3 months sucks ass, but you'll get over it. Sunday, a buddy (he smokes) and I went to the store before the game. Carried a couple of bags to the car, I was amazed at how winded he was just from walking to the car with a...
  17. Cajun

    Im an idiot, car rolled down driveway into my car

    One more tip...teach your wife how to release the parking brake before driving all over town.