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  1. 96scarab

    Dimmable LED shop lights

    Any recommendations? I’ve searched Amazon and dimmable LED is very limited. My garage is 952 sq ft with 10 foot ceilings. I need a lot more light but I want dimmable so when I’m having a beer watching tv I don’t feel like I’m in a tanning bed.
  2. 96scarab

    The west coast fails again

    Really Arizona!
  3. 96scarab


    Who gives a rats ass about Tik Tok!! Why is it making the front page news? Just ban it and move on..
  4. 96scarab

    Details released in crash that killed Station Casinos’ Haskins

    A little more information on what happened.... https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/casinos-gaming/more-details-released-in-crash-that-killed-station-casinos-haskins-2068140/
  5. 96scarab

    What next!

  6. 96scarab

    Cool river runner

    It's not mine but it looks fun for the price... https://www.powerboatlistings.com/view/57111
  7. 96scarab

    WOW. 4AM?

  8. 96scarab

    Someone buy this!!

  9. 96scarab

    ceramic coating car

    Has anybody ceramic coated their car/truck? I'm thinking about it just wondering about the pros/cons. I've been reading about it but it would be nice to hear from real life experiences with it.
  10. 96scarab

    I call BS

  11. 96scarab

    Rough Rider mug

    Looks very useful....
  12. 96scarab

    Lol RD might be getting some company

  13. 96scarab

    RTIC deals today

    Order $35 bucks or more you get free shipping.. https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/drinkware/tumblers