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    Seeking a previous thread regarding: New U.S. Coast Guard Requirements

    In a previous posting a few weeks ago a member posted in the threads a link to the latest requirements of the the U.S. Coast Guard regarding updating life preservers, ski vests, horns, signal flares, throw rings, etc. I am hopeful a member can repost the posting with the link in it. It had the...
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    Wife - Having Knee Replacement Surgery

    Wednesday morning, at 5:30 am my wife is having knee replacement surgery on her left knee. First one in the operating schedule. She had her right knee done two years ago. I am so hopeful she can recover back to be able to the fun things like boating, and some sports activities we have shared for...
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    RD SUX Sticker Sighting

    This morning at about 9:30 am Friday 11-18-2011 while driving north on Glenoaks Blvd. in Burbank, CA passing McAmbridge Park, I noticed a dark tan Chevy PU with a white RD SUX sticker in the lower right corner of the rear window. I couldn't snap a photo, as I was making a right turn at the time...