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  1. JRS1939

    Havasu search under way?

    There is multiple helicopters and rescue personnel in orange shirts on the south end of the lake right now. Practice or something happen? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. JRS1939

    Ilmors - boating content!

    Is there a way to learn actual run time on Ilmor 710 engines? Did it change when they came with 725s?
  3. JRS1939

    Need some interior suggestions...

    I want to get rid of the ketchup and mustard inserts but not sure how i should tie it all together. Figured some of you might have some good suggestions....
  4. JRS1939

    Eliminator To Havasu tomorrow?

    Anyone passing by Eliminator area that can pick up a carpet kit that is already headed to Havasu for the weekend?
  5. JRS1939

    GoFundMe help for a long time friend...

    RDP has always been a great resource for everything from employees, to boats and to help families in need. A ton of people from RDP reached out to help me 7 months ago after my accident in Havasu. Im hoping we can help out just a small amount here. Im posting this anonymously on RDP. The...
  6. JRS1939

    El Chapo

    Live video feed on Facebook from NBC says El Chapo escaped and is being chased by police. Not sure how true it is yet...
  7. JRS1939

    Kaepernick refuses to stand up....

    For national anthem during games from here on out..... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17401815/colin-kaepernick-san-francisco-49ers-sits-national-anthem-prior-preseason-game Thoughts?
  8. JRS1939

    Go for a climb? No thanks!

  9. JRS1939

    Phoenix Indoor Boat Storage...

    Wow prices are through the roof... Anybody want to take my $400 a month for my boat before I give it to this company lol !
  10. JRS1939

    Rate Trump's Speech

    I'm curious to know what you guys thought. Don't blow it up with conversation and discussion. Flat out just reply with your grade A to F....
  11. JRS1939


    Which one is better than the rest? What are you guys using to wipe water spots as you're on the boat?
  12. JRS1939

    4 MSP Off-Duty Cops leave their position at WNBA Game

    Good for them. I hope they get no more cops to volunteer! http://espn.go.com/wnba/story/_/id/16999653/minneapolis-police-leave-security-posts-minnesota-lynx-game-protest-shirts
  13. JRS1939

    Pokemon GO!

    Anybody else playing? Seems to be taking over the world right now...
  14. JRS1939


    Jon Jones off the card for failed drug test, possible doping violation. What is he thinking?!
  15. JRS1939

    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Let's go! Prerun tomorrow am, tech and contingency on Friday, then it's go time Saturday!
  16. JRS1939

    UFC 200

    How about McGregor retiring because he didn't want to come to Vegas while training in Iceland for 200. Nate then says his work is done here and is retiring also. Is nate kidding? Or will he still fight? Will Conor be back?
  17. JRS1939

    2016 MINT 400

    Is here! Anybody elsr going, racing or pitting?!
  18. JRS1939

    2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid $6100

    172k miles, fully loaded, just had hybrid battery reconditioned for $600 car needs nothing but a new owner. Priced low because of clear coat peeling on hood and roof. Located in Peoria, Az 6025584014 - Justin $6100 firm
  19. JRS1939

    Phone System Programming

    Anybody in the business? Have an NEC SL1100 that I need programmed. Think it can be done through PC Anywhere or something to that affect?
  20. JRS1939

    Supercross 2016

    Is now 5 days upon us.... Another year of RD5? Are we going to see a new champion? Can KR94 finally show up all season? Will Tomac put together a complete season? Will JS7 keep the bike upright for a couple rounds? Anybody going to A1 this weekend????