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    Good morning , lets roll!!
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    A/C performance poor, Nubs checks the fan clutch!

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    quality staff are key to success.
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    Gearhead Alert

    06 Trailblazer with unstable idle, "erratic idle up". The ECM would not complete a "calibration re-flash with updates",so a used ECM @ $65.00 was installed then flashed and the truck was all better. I wanted to look inside the old ECM. Impressive, where is the idle screw??;)
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    "Where's Nigel when you need him" Rally speak down under

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    some peoples kids!!

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    Battery Tech from TCB skunkwurks:

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    "Honda Hands"

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    Does it bother you

    When someone older than say 35 begin their sentences with So... ? This morning I changed the radio station (NPR) when a well known correspondent did it twice. Her response to the first question asked of her began with "So..." as though the she was explaining "why" rather than "what". I...
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    Surfs Up!

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    OH NO! I missed the grammys

    My gal and I were exploring old bridges in North Texas all day, walked the beach at the lake, then spent quality time at the house, the tube was on long enough to view the pics we took. We took the dogs and they provided extra entertainment. There is nothing produced or broadcast that is better.
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    Video: Last Mercedes F1 V8 engine

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    Bowl of oatmeal

    Tried to stare me down,, and won.
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    When the good guys lose,,

    How's your day going?
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    What really happened ?

    To the economy in 08? Was it too many tax cuts that decreased revenue ,or public opinion that the economy was stymied by government action or inaction on it's own spending, thus creating a feeling of a looming collapse, or a lot people seeing an opportunity to expand there own wealth by legally...
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    Moon has past

    Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, died Monday, Sept. 3, 2012. Does anyone remember him? Are/were you a moonie? He made a shit ton of money.What a guy. Were these the folks that approached me in the airport and put a flower in my hand and asked for money while moonatizing...
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    politcs and government, or Politics and religion

    Or is it all the same to you? I would like to throw down on some stuff if religious speak was tolerated.
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    Duty Honor Country

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    Is it just me,or..

    Isn't it time to put "sucks" to bed? "Blows" is still good, but "sucks" just never was that great, and so last decade.
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    Gitter Done

    This came in the other day,, :smackbum: so I fixed it!! :moon: