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  1. mobboss

    tandem trailer

    I am in need of a tandem tunnel trailer , anyone have one forsale or trade??? let me know please .
  2. mobboss

    southwind tunnel dragster

    Well as it would seem i have some time on my hands , hell maybe to much!! and have started to look around again, for projects to get myself in trouble . So i am testing the waters to see if there is a southwind tunnel dragster hull or project around??? Let me know if you have one!!!
  3. mobboss

    CHP at it again!

    this is a jaw dropper!!!! http://news.yahoo.com/california-highway-patrol-beats-barefoot-bag-lady-video-181806931.html
  4. mobboss

    cause i dont own enough boats!

    Well i am now looking at this sleekcraft Aristocrat , I just dont know anything about them. Thoughts ???? it is a 20 ft with a johnson 200 . i think the original outboard. what are they worth??? looks to be needing work . which i dont mind but ... I dont want to over pay from the begining.
  5. mobboss

    how many cars in your driveway?

    So i kinda got into a heated disscusion with my wife over all the vehicals we own. and i said that im not the only one that has a collection of vehicals to choose from on a dayly basis . So i put it to all of you how many car trucks motorcycles do you own. Sorry green sticker bikes dont count...
  6. mobboss

    memorial weekend

    Well im all packed ready to head out for a (well i hope to be a great memorial weekend at my favorite lake)lake trip. And before i sign off i just want to wish everyone a safe and happy memorial weekend! Enjoy!
  7. mobboss

    The time has come!

    Well i think the time has come for all of us Californians to come together and remove these politicians , that dont seem to listen to what the PEOPLE want . They only care about what they want! I am speaking of the gun control , issue! The first person to be removed needs to be Diania Fienstein!!
  8. mobboss

    Happy 4th of july!

    Its time to show off your red white and blue!
  9. mobboss

    Got a case of the lazies !

    So i woke up this morning , no work this morning, but i have projects i should be working on.Which i just dont want to do!!!! and cant shake just wanting to be lazy!!! No motivation what so ever!
  10. mobboss

    schiada emblems

    i have 2 schiada emblems, up for grabs. selling them individually. make offer.
  11. mobboss

    So i bought this v drive!

    Hello everyone!, So a couple weeks ago i got a 71 schiada flat bottom v drive. ive had a wacker, i own a jet , but never used or been in a flat bottom v drive. What do i need to know???? Dos and donts Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. here some pics of what i got!
  12. mobboss

    455 olds

    Hey im in need of a v drive water pump cover, anyone have one laying around??????