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  1. BigQ

    [WTS] 2020 Heartland Fuel 250 Toy Hauler $34900

    Never used - personal reason forces sale. This one has the Octane package, Boost package and spark package. • Onan 4000 • 15K BTU A/C IPO of 13.5K • 10 gallon DSI gas/electric water heater • Power Awning w/LED Light Strip • Solar on side (port) • Dual 30 gal LP Tanks • Backup camera prep • Fuel...
  2. BigQ

    Browsing for a toy hauler and then I saw this!! Do you see it?

    I think it made the value go up 10k!! right?
  3. BigQ

    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    Looking for a F350 2005 -2007 Crew 4x4 or a Dodge crew 4x4 3500 2005- 2010 $25k max SRW Thanks
  4. BigQ

    Best price for Can am Maverick X3 in SoCal

    Seems like not much dealing going on with the X3 RS. Anyone know the best dealer for a decent price? Some have markup of $1800.
  5. BigQ

    The Senate, The House, and the White house

    UNBELIEVABLE!! How is this going to work considering it seems the majority disowned Trump? Things are going to get interesting for sure.;)
  6. BigQ

    Swimming pool cost, seems more than I thought it would be.

    So we are looking into getting a swimming pool put in and had out Blue Haven Pools as our 1st bid/cost. Turned out to be 50k for a 15'X30' pool with spa. Some features are the LED lighting, OZONE system, and cement edging. Other than that it is pretty basic. Does this seem out of line? Any...
  7. BigQ

    50 points ahead speech..good Lord!

    I use to play a game called "Old Maid" that had pictures of this old hag on the card. Could you imagine what leaders of other countries are thinking.:eek https://youtu.be/_T8tMk-ZOx8
  8. BigQ

    Lets play what's it worth?

    1988 Hallet Vector 330HP It runs is all i have right now.:rolleyes http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/5724031450.html
  9. BigQ

    Hillary Health issues, maybe she REALLY is going crazy.

    Looks like brain freezing, can't walk up steps without help, doesn't look good. I have no issue if it was only physical issues but the brain is a different story. Some records were just released showing she has Dementia, Subcortical Vascular Dementia, yikes.:eek If this is true she should not...
  10. BigQ

    Good Sam Club worth the cost?

    Since I bought a trailer a few months ago i keep getting hounded by the Good Same club which looks like some nice saving can be had. Anybody use it? I basically will only use the trailer for Glamis , no campgrounds really.
  11. BigQ

    SO I am sitting here trying to figure out to keep more of my pay and..

    Then I read this. This should go well with the 13% increase in my health insurance plan. I thought the new health care plan was to stabilize rates, will they ever do anything right? http://www.atr.org/full-list-hillary-s-planned-tax-hikes
  12. BigQ

    Iraq, Libya,Eqypt..what would the world be like if we just mind our own business?

    Another bomb attack in Iraq and 120 people dead while shopping or hanging out in a cafe. I can't help to wonder what Iraq would be like if Saddam was still around. What about Libya and stability of the entire region really. I know hindsight is 20/20, but after 9/11 I tend to think a better...
  13. BigQ

    Lending club as an investor, thoughts?

    As an investor have you tried it? Looking for some shorter term investing and the returns seems pretty good. Looks like you can invest in the full range of credit scores. anyway, look interesting.Thoughts....
  14. BigQ

    Need a Real Estate Agent up in Citrus Heights CA, SAC area

    Taking care of my Moms estate and need to sell a house located in Citrus Heights CA, I live in in So Cal so I need someone trusting for a long distance relationship. If you are or know someone please let me know.
  15. BigQ

    Some people are just mean and i think this bitch is one of them...

    Nancy Pelosi makes me want to vomit... People like this should be void of public office no matter which side you are on. http://dailycaller.com/2014/09/12/nancy-pelosi-civilization-in-jeopardy-if-gop-takes-senate-video/
  16. BigQ

    2014 Road and Track Performance Car of the Year has an impressive list

    I am pulling the trigger on a 2015 mustang latter this year so it will be interesting to see what happens. to bad the 2015 Z06 is not out soon enough for the test. interesting list nonetheless... The 2015 mustang is a different animal all together so the track testing should be in the fore...
  17. BigQ

    2000 Daytona 25 Open Bow

    $28900.00 It has a 454 Mag 385 HP with Imco Powerflows and Bravo 1 drive with 290 hrs. - Dual Batteries - Storage cover - Drive Shower - New throttle cable and shift assembly all the way to the drive - New Eddie Marine throttle - New Master cylinder/ Solenoid for trailer - New Bunks on...
  18. BigQ

    Whats your requirements for ordering the 2015 Mustang?

    I heard some dealers are asking non-refundable deposits of $1000 or more.
  19. BigQ

    HVAC Again, what's this zoning thingy?

    Our air system is from 1999 at least that's when it was installed when the house was built. I am looking to replace the system and have two different quotes. One liked zoning and one did not and focused more on the design of the duct work. Both are close in price, SEER rating and one is Lennox...
  20. BigQ

    GIL Group 24 Composite Battery Box

    Free to good home (unless i need to ship then you pay :D )