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    Interesting history. I was always proud to shoot for the Arizona State and/or USA Rifle Team with this flag somewhere on my gear. Arizona State Flag History Arizona was the 48th state admitted to the Union on February 12, 1912. An official state flag was adopted by the Arizona Legislature in...
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    Let's see your Jeeps

    After selling the boat last year we’ve been using our Jeep a lot. My 2 and 5 yr old daughters love to go camping. Several overland trips over the past year. I’ve probably spent close to a month in a tent during that time. Have done all the work to it myself in the garage. Next project is adding...
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    Paging YOLO

    Haven’t been on in a while and just saw your post. Wish I knew you were coming through as I would’ve let you buy me breakfast! I’ll ask my ole man if he needs anything.
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    Boats you’ve owned and your favorite

    You have no idea! :( I added it all up one day and divided by the hours and it was breathtaking.
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    Boats you’ve owned and your favorite

    1992 Godfrey Pontoon 2005 Conquest Top Cat II, 496 HO 2007 DCB F32, Teague 1200’s/6’s 2011 M35, Merc 1350’s The boat that I got the most action on was the Pontoon. It saw more ass than a toilet seat. The Conquest was a great and bulletproof all around boat. A great progression but I got passed...
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    Nice restaurant in Glendale/Phoniex area?

    I always forget about Arrowhead Grill. Great food!
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    Nice restaurant in Glendale/Phoniex area?

    As Joker indicated Dicks Hideaway is outstanding. You can reserve the back room for a $500 minimum. Easy to satisfy with food and libations. 16th st and Bethany Home rd. You could also go to The Yard, Culinary Dropout, or Postinos. North central area. Steak 44 if you want a steak or Buck and...
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    Nice restaurant in Glendale/Phoniex area?

    Where are you staying?
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    My little girl solo’d Her first airplane today.

    Awesome! Loosing your shirt tail is an amazing accomplishment. I lost mine at 20 years old in a Cessna 152. I’ve done a lot of stuff but still chalk up my pilots license as one of my greatest accomplishments. A pilot never stops learning!
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    How dare you? Richardson’s and Dicks Hideaway is closed!
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    Trump pardons ranchers

    My family has had the unwelcome pleasure of having to fight the government, private interest groups, and combined efforts (yes you read that right) to be the demise of my families rights and way of life. We have fought various government and private extremists and won time and time again. The...
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    farmers, ranchers, and orchardists, how many and what do you produce

    6th generation AZ rancher. Cow/Calf outfit with a couple hundred sections mostly along the border west of Nogales in a town called Arivaca.
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    A new 41 or 44 DCB?

    You know it’s kinda bittersweet. I was very proud of both my F32 and M35. I miss them both but life has a way of shifting priorities. I now have two young kids and want to spend more time with them. The high performance boat world is not a very kid friendly place. I may buy something a little...
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    A new 41 or 44 DCB?

    Magoo does an amazing job taking care of that boat. I’ve boated with him a lot. With as much as he uses it it still looks brand new but he still uses the shit out of it. He started in the custom car world with his father and then moved into the automotive inspection business. He is a wealth of...
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    What did you do TODAY no one else here did?

    And? How’d it do?
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    You Only Live Once - M35 / 1350's @ 525K (Video / Classified)

    You are both correct. Two different Charlie Brown’s. Octane Marine Charlie Brown owns the Eliminator and Lake Chelan Charlie Brown is who I bought the boat from. DCB owned it before Charlie and Rob Blair took it to the Shuswaps for the summer. Mike Stevenson was the original owner.
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    You Only Live Once - M35 / 1350's @ 525K (Video / Classified)

    First of all Carter is a badass! The stuff he produces is unbelievable. It’s hard to fathom selling it after watching the video. I am not necessarily getting out of the sport but just going to take a little break. My girls are 4 and 1 and I’m looking to slow down for a few years. Maybe a deck...
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    2011 DCB M35 Mercury Racing 1350's M8 Drives Fully Capped TONS OF UPDATES...!!!

    I have second thoughts every time I see it or run it. Pure fun for sure!