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  1. weasle

    Sunday BBQ..Attempting a Wagyu Brisket

    IT is a Supermarket chain in Texas
  2. weasle

    mobile bunk guy in parker

    I sent you a PM mobldj
  3. weasle

    First plywood and now carne asada? WTF?

    Thanks for the heads up that is definitely our go to place
  4. weasle

    Cart batteries

    The Costco batteries are junk as mentioned. I maybe got two years out of them last go around. Spend the extra money to purchase a better battery.
  5. weasle

    Boater Card for AZ

    Thanks for the clarification Alan
  6. weasle

    Riverside County Cancels Coachella, Stagecoach Festivals

    They did have one in Vegas and the last one was one of the worst nightmares for our country.
  7. weasle

    Tire Shop Owners

    Another shout out to @LakeMead Boater he went above and beyond to take care of me with tires for my 5th wheel. I got Sailun S637 st235/85r16 14 ply and the price was unbelievable. The service was top notch and he had plenty of parking for my trailer. Thanks again I will definitely go back when I...
  8. weasle


    Up buy the Parker Dam on the AZ side
  9. weasle

    Tire Shop Owners

    I am getting ready to buy the same tires. Performance plus in the south bay quoted me 159,95 a piece. Are you having to change out your rims or anything since these tires are commercial and run 110 psi.
  10. weasle

    DEF Diesel Trucks

    I have a 2015 Chevrolet with 40k and the DEF pump went at about 35k. It was covered . Up until that happened I really liked the truck in the last 6 months the turbo went out which was under warranty and I needed glow plugs. Hard to accept when you spend the amount of money we do on these vehicles
  11. weasle

    Compton Christmas Street Race Crash

    At least everyone is wearing a mask and social distancing
  12. weasle

    Looking to buy 30-33 fifth wheel

    I have an 08 34' Ragen 5th wheel and I am the original owner. The trailer has been flawless since the day I took delivery.
  13. weasle

    Kawi 550 Resto

    Just PM'd you a contact
  14. weasle

    Awesome Havasu house in an amazing location!

    I PM'd you
  15. weasle

    Awesome Havasu house in an amazing location!

    Wanted to check and see if your house is available the 23rd and 24th nights of October. My son is playing in a baseball tournament in Lake Havasu that weekend. Thanks
  16. weasle

    Covid crazy Pricing has hit the off road world

    I have heard that most of the people that got $600.00 a week in unemployment were not aware that taxes were not taken out and Otis going to be a shocker for some peeps
  17. weasle

    Jeep hook up.

    Paul Whitehead at Orange Coast he is the fleet manager sorry don't have a number handy
  18. weasle

    Power surge

    Edison provided a call or tag number. Insurance was willing to open a claim, but they did not provide enough coverage for my damage. Edison admitted fault and paid me a week after I spoke with the claims adjuster. Honestly, easier than I thought it would be.
  19. weasle

    Power surge

    It just happened to me a little over a month ago. Six houses on our block had a surge due to something on the power pole in my neighbors backyard arcing. I lost a wine fridge, oven, vent hood over the stove, washing machine and the GFI's on my jacuzzi. My neighbor lost fridges and everything...
  20. weasle

    Soooooo is this crazy pricing trend gonna continue into desert season???

    The problem is there is no inventory and it is driving prices up. Try finding a mid size bike for your kids there are none to be found and when you do find one it is full pop with crazy dealer prep fees. Two weeks ago I found one a Kawasaki KLX 140L and I sent in a reply to contact me. The...