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    Two AC's on 30 amps.

    On a 30 amp rv I installed a junction box with a breaker put a plug in the side of the Rv and ran an appliance cord from plug to 110 outlet on pedestal at the Islander for years and never had a problem.
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    Pancreatic Tumor Experience

    Thanks for all the info. As of now i am being seen at the City of Hope. So far the doctors and insurance have been ok but time will tell.
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    Pancreatic Tumor Experience

    Well not looking for sympathy but maybe someone with experience to pick their brain. Found out i got a good size tumor on my pancreas. Have had Biopsy done and they are unable to rule out cancer at this point. Oncologist has decided to go in and remove half of the pancreas and all of my...
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    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    20 years in, its been a great career but looking at all avenues to get out now. looking to freeze my pension and pull it in 4.5 years at 50. Its just hard to find something that is able to support a family.
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    Honda hookup in IE

    Bought two honda's from Jon Bergstrom at Weir Canyon Honda in Yorba Linda. Very easy to work with and was the best deal in the area at the time.
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    Hello Fresh

    been doing 2 meals a week to make life a little easier. Haven't had a bad meal yet.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    I got mine through work (first responders). Wife got hers through the county as a teacher.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Second shot of Moderna on Thursday 2/18 at 10 AM Sore arm after 4 or 5 hours lasting two days. Headache started after about 5 hours and lasted for approximately 24 hours sever at times but not horrible. Fever of 101 started overnight about 10 hours in and lasted 24 hours. After headache and...
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    (Sold) 2007 Playcraft 2400 Xtreme Tritoon. Mercury 350 MPI!!

    That was my boat. Sad to see it go but hopefully a new one in the future.......
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Wife got her second shot of pfizer yesterday (Tuesday). Sore arm is the only reaction as of today at noon. Fingers crossed she does not experience anything further.
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    Spray in bed liner

    Just bought the do it yourself raptor spray in liner. was going to do it today but supposed to rain on and off all weekend so will do it next weekend. ill update with photos but looks simple and easy. was only 140 bucks.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Just got my first dose this morning. Moderna, they seem to have nicked a vein so was a bit of a bleeder but other than that no problems.
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    Educate me please.. School teachers K-12.. $$$.... CALIFORNIA

    All of my siblings are teachers, my sister in law and brother in law are teachers and my wife is a principal all in various districts in San Bernardino County. Nobody i listed is getting a stimulus check and they get all summer off. They do put in long hours during the week.
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    Who received their stimulus check?

    We are not getting one as both my wife and i work and have been lucky enough to continue working during this whole thing. But my neighbor is getting one, he who has been working this whole time. he has received 400K for his business and during the last 10 months remodeled his house spending...
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    Boat Storage facility question

    Key pad for mine and it seems to work well. We have auto exit but i like the code to exit as it just adds an extra layer security.
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    LAPD Cuts (You still living in Los Angeles?)

    I spent the first 17 years of my career in an LA County agency. I recently lateraled to another counties District Attorneys Investigative Unit and it was the best decision i have ever made. LA County is going down hill at a rapid pace.
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    07 Ragen 3405 Falcon repairs

    Calling Jim, thanks
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    07 Ragen 3405 Falcon repairs

    Looking to sell my 07 Ragen and wanted to find an honest shop I could take it in the inland empire area to get an honest inspection for any issues. I don't like selling anything with problems. Any recommendations would be great. I think the front cap may need some repairs prior to selling it.
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    EZUP Parking lot sale in 2 weeks!

    Start date has not been decided yet. I asked if it was going to be more than just a one day sale and he said yes.
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    EZUP Parking lot sale in 2 weeks!

    Have a buddy who is a manager at EZ Up. He just told me no parking lot sale, they are doing a virtual event this year.