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    Online therapy sessions?

    Stay away from the physic hotlines.
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    OJ Simpson dead at age 76

    He already inconvienced to many people. So it should be more along the lines of a garbage truck.
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    That is too lean. Go for 75/25
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    37% is the calories from fat. 63% of calories are from sugar... lactose. 2% is the fat by volume. Milk is mostly water. I drink half and half. Very low carbs/sugar.
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    Any Toyota Tech's? - 2013 Highlander help

    Idle air control -iac. Lets enough air buy to let it idle. Will it start and can you keep it above idle
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    Sheriff Grady

    Does anyone watch sheriff Grady on you tube. Talking about a criminal. "He wanted to get in a shoot out and we obliged" and "he started shooting and we started shooting. He quit shooting and we kept shooting".
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    Cholesterol / Calcium Score

    I would not do a statin. Not good for you, no science to support it. Statin studies show a maybe 4 day increase in life expectancy but with bad side effects. Go to youtube and research statins and cholesterol. This is related to another thread. Read my comments on page 3. ---...
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    2017 f250 driveshaft question

    Drive shaft length changes as you drive. That is the normal in and out. With foot on brake put from reverse to drive back to reverse. If it clunks you have excess play in shaft. Likely u joints .
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    Research cholesterol and statins. My opinion is not needed and bad for you. I wont take them.
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    You were in the prediabetic a1c range for 10+ years. It is a slow progression. Your insulin was going up as it was controlling gluclose. High insulin is bad. I am sure your dr said hey you fasting gluclose is in range. That test is a point in time and means little. Your a1c is a 3 month...
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    If you go to you tube you will find a number of drs. I would start with dr ken berry. He cites a lot of studies or experience as a dr. Drs ekberg and berg are good to. But with you tube you then get other similar content. There is also dr chaffee and dr baker. Dr sean omara is a good one but...
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    Grits . Depends on the rest of your diet. One recipe i read was made of cream , butter and grits. Depending on how much you ate your carbs would be below 50 grams and would be most or all your carbs for the day. Some people are spit on olive, avacado and coconut oil. Most seem to think...
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    Fat is good. Eggs are good. Steak is good. Seafood is good. Vegetable oil is really bad and its in everything processed. Grains/flour is bad and it too is in everything processed. Sugar is bad and it is also in every thing processed. If you cut out processed food that only leaves whole food...
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    I dont think its thier fault. The food pyramid is a lie along with most other nutritional information you have been taught. Eat the opposite of what your dr tells you. You are told not to eat fat but to have vegetable oil. That eating fat will raise you cholesterol and kill. And dont forget...
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    Automatic Brake Probem on a Flatbed Trailer.

    Get one of those temperature guns. Shoot the brakes and hubs after running. If dragging it should be pretty hot.
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    Any Type 1 Diabetics Here?

    Is she on a no carb/low carb diet. By low carb i mean 50 grams or less of carbs. Protien should be about 1 gram per lb of body weight. Rest of calories from good fats ie animal fats, olive oils, avacado, sea food. Fats will slow the gluclose rise. Low steady gluclose will make it easier to...
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    HE washers and clogged drains

    I am talking about water on the floor from a slow/clogged drain pipe. The washer is not leaking but the house drain is over flowing.
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    HE washers and clogged drains

    Does anyone experience clogged washing machine drains with an HE washer. I have had a second clogged/slow drain since getting an HE washer 3 years ago. Didnt have a clogged drain in nearly 30 years before. I am talking dedicated drain for washer not the main. I was thinking maybe the low...