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  1. The Prisoner

    Charity event Vegas !!

    The black haired girl is saying “one boob goes one way, one goes the other. Whaddaya want from me?”😀
  2. The Prisoner

    A Real Weekend at Bernies.

  3. The Prisoner

    The new Road House Movie on Amazon Prime

    Terrible timing for this post. Just wrote an $1800 check to my company’s accountant. NOTHING awesome about that. 😡😀
  4. The Prisoner

    A cool Van Halen Story with a Bonesfab truck involved

    https://www.vhnd.com/2024/04/03/the-tales-behind-edward-van-halens-classic-car-sales/ And a frozen hip bone.😀
  5. The Prisoner

    Good Lord Boeing

    Well you got to give Boeing props here….. their planes can’t fly but their bullets can. 😀
  6. The Prisoner

    Super Bowl chatter.

  7. The Prisoner

    Another helo crash. Nipton, Ca

    Guy had his own wiki https://ktla.com/news/local-news/officials-investigating-helicopter-crash-in-san-bernardino-county/ Sad deal https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Wigwe
  8. The Prisoner

    Waste Management Open

    Well pick me up a Grimaldi’s pizza if you’re not going. 😀😀
  9. The Prisoner

    Griffith Observatory

    As a cool aside, a Godfather story on Allison’s dad
  10. The Prisoner

    Griffith Observatory

    Found a cool little piece on it and now I want to go…went and researched and the Griffith who donated the land actually shot his wife.
  11. The Prisoner

    Deal of the Week

    Death I hear you callin, but I can’t come home right now. 😀
  12. The Prisoner

    Tucker Carlson and Putin interview is up

    4 minutes and 13 seconds in and I want to fly to the Kremlin and punch that fucker out. 😡😡😀 What does the 8th century got to do with any godamn thing. 😡
  13. The Prisoner

    Stolen 200 foot antenna

  14. The Prisoner

    I have never scored So low!!!

    Been there….a terrible feeling..at lunch when you go for your chocolate milk and there’s 15 million pieces of glass in your thermos….only good if you’re in a band and you play the maracas.😛
  15. The Prisoner

    I have never scored So low!!!

    How about own a beeper? And as we did a big bookcase with encyclopedias.
  16. The Prisoner

    I have never scored So low!!!

    For 2 customers I still use a fax and I pay my house alarm bill and Met Life insurance with paper checks…no other way.
  17. The Prisoner


    Great music…….until the third video.😀
  18. The Prisoner

    The final season

    Have said it many times. Deadwood was cancelled way too early.
  19. The Prisoner

    The final season

    Like Larry, I too have called Siri a cunt. 😀