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    Treasure Valley Idaho this morning:
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    Give this a watch:
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    Apparently 74% of Americans are…

    BMI charts are BS. There is no way possible that someones height and weight can determine their level of obesity. Bone density, muscle density among other factors will change the BMI number massively. There are tests that can measure body fat accurately like Dual Energy X-Ray or Hydrostatic...
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    Holy shit. I-695 bridge in Baltimore collapse.

    See post #116
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    Holy shit. I-695 bridge in Baltimore collapse.

    As of the day of the incident, the ships master was listed as Ukrainian. Oddly, this information has since been removed from the website: balticshipping.com This screen shot is from two days ago:
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    Parts from Corona to Santa Ana

    It's a pallet of steel brackets that weighs about 400 lbs.
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    Parts from Corona to Santa Ana

    I need to get some parts picked up in Corona and delivered to Santa Ana. Do any of you guys know of a local freight/courier service in that area? Thank you
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    1-11 Breakout

    I was being sarcastic. But Idaho is closed.
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    1-11 Breakout

    Why anyone would want to live in Idaho?
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    High Yield Saving Account Questions

    Marcus by Goldman is a good option as they offer 4.5% plus an additional 1% for referrals. What I like about Marcus is they offer instant transfers. Very simple to get started as well.
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    At What Point?

    As soon as the UN stops refilling their debt cards and giving them free housing, etc. My guess is before November.
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    World Series Of Pro Mod

    I hope Stevie Jackson puts it to em this weekend.
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    Free Healthcare

    With illegal immigrants being able to receive tax payer funded healthcare, especially in California, have any of you given any thought to trying to receive free health care yourself? What I mean is, what if you walked into the hospital and told them that you were not a legal citizen, do not have...
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    Let's Hope This Catches Fire

    Whatever happened to all the truckers headed to the southern border a few weeks back?
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    Hot lap!

    That driver is a true wheel man. Very impressive.
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    Online High Yield Savings Accounts

    Do any of my fellow RDPers have any thoughts and experience with Online High Yield Savings Accounts?
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    Pro Superstar Shootout

    Austin Prock won Funny Car, Doug Kalitta won Top Fuel and Erica Enders won Pro Stock.
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    Pro Superstar Shootout

    I’m curious about that 341mph at a non NHRA event. Who’s doing tech?
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    Clay & Cleetus Top Fuel vs. Ruby

    NHRA Top Fuel racer Clay Millican drag races Cleetus McFarland. These guys are having some fun: