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  1. Q4mtxUS

    Pedo's Gunna Pedo

    After watching that vid 13 times, it appears the old bastards gun stayed in his hand the whole time, so yes the old man in the members only jacket did indeed shoot himself 34 times.
  2. Q4mtxUS

    Pedo's Gunna Pedo

    Shot him with his own gun? Is that what it looked like? And, why did they mag dump in a guy my age? Is it because Glocks ain’t shit?
  3. Q4mtxUS

    Gaetz is in charge

    Open the pod bay door, Hal!……Hal, open the pod bay door!
  4. Q4mtxUS


    The insecticide spraying happens during the coolest part of the morning because it settles best during that time. Spraying insecticide in the heat of the day is bad because it is carried up to the atmosphere likely harming humans and animals. Nobody would do this as it can kill almost all living...
  5. Q4mtxUS

    Gaetz is in charge

  6. Q4mtxUS


    When the airliners are lined up waiting to take off, everybody onboard behind another aircraft is breathing the exhaust of the airplane in front through the air cycle machines. Oh sure, the air is filtered but if you are number 12 in-line to takeoff, is gets heavy fumes when waiting long time...
  7. Q4mtxUS

    Lil Bengi

    …and who is the little boy, and why is he on his knees?
  8. Q4mtxUS

    Bet You He’s Right AGAIN!!!!

    Mdub…sir…are you talking about directing French for HS drama class…er??? hahaha
  9. Q4mtxUS

    Illegals whose paying??

    Word from the barstool the other day from a gal who knows a guy who knows another guy said that busses were seen in downtown Portland that were offloading masked (N95) humans with cellphones and backpacks then driving away. It was also mentioned that the humans didn’t appear “Nordic”. Portland...
  10. Q4mtxUS


    where the heck is YUMA? I miss that guy. as an aside. I almost feel like my next door neighbor is YRnaut. She speaks exactly the same, that I’m thinking it’s truly YR. Two days ago, we were out front chatting about the end of the world issues and three Blackhawk’s in close formation, about 500...
  11. Q4mtxUS

    When Libturds Run Cities .com

    WHAT THE FUCK???? This is mental illness on full display. Why would a male want to add more genital sweat? It must be sooo fun to add boob sweat along with ballsac sweat and chronic back pain from oversized implants. Such a circus freak.
  12. Q4mtxUS

    Look at the First……

    Brought a tear to my eye. A proud Grandparent moment, INDEED
  13. Q4mtxUS

    What’s YOUR ESG Score?

    Performance boat magazine….mfr’s
  14. Q4mtxUS

    A very Biden welcome

    Why does Barry get to ride on the worlds most expensive, and meticulously maintained, aircraft? Can former presidents just bounce on AF1?
  15. Q4mtxUS

    Covid vaccine personal info

    Bubba Wallace is part of that 2%
  16. Q4mtxUS

    Anyone seen Pete?

    My son tells me that this falls inline with the big Mike and Barry documentary on Netflix. Almost exactly the scene. I have not watched it because of the producers. Have any of you?
  17. Q4mtxUS

    Trick Powerboats 23' Widebody

    Go to their IG and find more pics of the boat. I would recommend changes to the cockpit liner. tool some side console & move the sticks to the side (both LH & RH) versus a center pedestal and tool the front foot rest for foot throttle provision, also on both sides (based on customers request)...
  18. Q4mtxUS

    Pedo's Gunna Pedo

    This is why a lot of celebrities “threaten” to leave the USA when DJT becomes president in November, 2024. Because some countries do not have extradition treaties with the United States. Tom Hanks left the US, moved to Greece (no extradition treaty) during DJT presidency…
  19. Q4mtxUS

    Please, Please, PLEASE!!!!!!!

    They’re called Lezbaru’s here in Portland 🤣
  20. Q4mtxUS

    Butt Hurt Bitch Inc.

    Hahaha, Me too. I lived with my dad in Oak Ridge, TN for a short time in the early ‘70’s. Oak Ridge was a player in the Manhattan Project. Because of this fact, that part of TN is a target for incoming attacks from, oh say, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia??? It was during the first and mid part of each...