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  1. SBMech

    Why would you set yourself on fire?

    Stupid is as stupid does. Man the admissions standards are this low to let complete base morons like this in? How far we have fallen.
  2. SBMech

    Lost my father & have a few Garage Lift questions.

    So sorry for your loss FT, I am sure your Pop's will be proud of you keeping his 55 alive and driving! Bendpak makes all sorts of lifts and custom dimensions as well, but it looks to have plenty of room for a standard with wide tray options and keep the extra 4 feet on the side. Here's a...
  3. SBMech

    I’m a Papa Again

    Congrats on the new addition! 🥳🤩👏
  4. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    That's one of the many reasons I love my boat and boating in general...the last -almost- restriction free activity probably on the planet...
  5. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    You are confused. Or Lost? For the record, in the very first paragraph of Forum Guidelines for this particular forum, that is SPECIFICALLY LABELED as : RD's Lounge Social Forum Threads 184.7K Messages 3.9M out of the many here is : This is a Boating & Customs (anything custom) website...
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    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    LOL Everyone says this kinda of bullshit about posts in The Lounge..... You know there are many different channels with multiple posts per day in specific boating/offroad/everything else forums right? RDP does not exist on boating posts in the General Trash forum...if it did, it would have...
  7. SBMech

    Love me some Sexy Ladies..

    DAMN BRO! They look like the crystal rock candy sticks! EPIC. 😍😋 HEHE they have got so much magic dust on em, when you break it up to roll it, you could use a CC and make a toot or two and SNORT IT....hahahah That shit will FUCK YOU UP! 😆 🤪
  8. SBMech

    Sinus pressure anyone

    I am always amazed at how much the human body can resist/recover from trauma when I see these types of documentation. I've removed some pretty nasty things from my feet and body throughout my life because fuck you, its my body GET OUT. 🤪 😆 I had a few embedded porcupine spines/cactus spines...
  9. SBMech

    Price check z71 1998

    These guys got 25k for something similar. Dunno if yours is an auto or a standard, it matters. Without an actual inspection or appraisal, it would be hard to set a price. You saying "its perfect" does not equal actual facts like fluid conditions, service records, an actual...
  10. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    LOL yours had a buzzer originally too there big guy....it's not working because you or someone you hired disabled it long ago..... I did suggest he get a old dinosaur to putt around town in in an earlier post...no SRS system to worry about!
  11. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    I'm all for personal choice and responsibility. Anyone who's read anything I've ever posted can see that. I hate the government and nanny laws we are strapped with. I'd be happy to tell you exactly what wires to bypass to make the system think the belt is plugged in RD. Just PM me the VIN and...
  12. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    Just a little story about SRS systems and their results. A few months ago one of my clients fell asleep at the wheel in his 2021 Tesla P100D going 75MPH on the way home from Ventura after a meeting. He hit a tree at speed, it almost tore the vehicle in half, the tree was in the passenger seat...
  13. SBMech

    Disable seatbelt chime on a 2023 Denali

    You should watch a few youtube videos on collisions with SRS systems airbags going off around unbelted passengers. Pong anyone? Not telling you what to do RD, you are a smart man. If you persist in acting stupid because you just don't want to do it, make sure you quadruple your life insurance...
  14. SBMech

    Meeting your daughters first boyfriend

    Damn a 10 year old that can clean and jerk 75 lbs! nice! Pretty sure I could not do my current body weight haha!
  15. SBMech

    Meeting your daughters first boyfriend

    I feel for you fathers. I was a bastard of a young man, good looking, motorcycle, lived alone at 16.....multiple vehicles...dad's worst nightmare, VistaCruiser Wagon with a BBC everyone affectionately called "Clambuster"..... Worst yet I was intelligent and well spoken, polite and fierce about...
  16. SBMech

    I can't hear you...

    They don't connect? Weird, I can blow through mine.......
  17. SBMech

    I can't hear you...

    You can also use the solution for children's wax build up, alcohol based solvent made to melt it's way through.
  18. SBMech

    I can't hear you...

    Eat some really really hot peppers, in chili or salsa etc. Usually does the trick right when the sweats hit ya ....:p🤪 Fresh Ghost Peppers thinly sliced and cooked into chili is one of my go-tos...imparts great flavor, turn it up a few notches will clear your pipes up good too! YMMV......🥵🤬😱😆
  19. SBMech

    Tales Of A Mercenary Mechanic

    Most likely because it was never intended to haul the actual limit of weight haha! A horse and tack for a big Quarter Horse is only around 1500-1700 LBS....Jerry Lee (our old war horse) was 1200-1300, a Percheron Draft Cross that was YUGE (Tri Tone Paint that did Dressage...!) Anyhooo as...
  20. SBMech

    Little Puppy Story

    Stories like this give me faith in humanity again! Thank you for being such a great person! Gonna be the best dog you've ever had...😉🥰