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  1. Apex svt

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    That’s the first Performance Boats 28ft cat. Supposed to run one teens when dialed in. Still playing with props and drive height.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Took the 266 down to Loto for the weekend. 88 degrees yesterday, sunburnt as hell. Amazing weather for April.
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    Some 6.4 action. Little bit different background than you AZ guys.
  4. Apex svt

    Do you name your cars / car parts?

    We’ve had/have Perry the passat Nick the Nautilus Mike the mountaineer Fred the fusion Jed the jetta Red - 96 F150 (maroon) Patty - 03 Taurus (because patty’s a beast) Cash - Ford Transit (company truck) Alan the Acadia Egor the equinox White weenie - Nissan frontier Black Black - F250 (all...
  5. Apex svt

    Boat Sales

    Will be a win/lose. Buy for less, sell for less. Tempted to sell while it’s still high’ish, but I’m not going boatless.
  6. Apex svt

    Anchor or anvil

    Even Wile E would be disrespected getting hit by a POS like that
  7. Apex svt

    Bad ass mobile bar

    Pretty rad. I have a homie up here that specializes in VW’s, has built similar rigs. Does all the work for the American pickers guys.
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    Battery Tenders, What You Say😎

    Been using Battery Tender for years. Car/truck remain plugged in year round. No issues.
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    Radar detectors?

    Been running a Beltronics STI Magnum for years. Has saved me multiple times. Looked up a comparison since the valentines seem so popular. Seems like it holds it own. https://radartest.com/bel-sti-magnum-vs-v1-review.asp
  10. Apex svt

    Boat Names

    Guy named Eric Smith had 5 Hustlers all named Mean Streak (4 Slingshots, 1 Rockit) this was his final Slingshot. I’d assume it was named after the old Apache race boat but can’t confirm. Love it, wouldn’t change it.
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    How do you think reinstating student loans will effect the economy.

    I think it’ll put the sting on a lot of folks. Most the college grads I know chose to take the no-payment grace period as an opportunity to save for a down payment on a home to get their life started. Others chose to start their life without an investment in a home. Either way, I think...
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    Pirates of Lanier Poker Run - Georgia!

    I approve of that purchase! Beast!!
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    Pirates of Lanier Poker Run - Georgia!

    At the Cig Rendezvous leaving the Cave, a lot of boats did a a fly by. It pretty much ended after that “Thunder Boat Row” Cig in your picture ripped off an over 100mph pass. @Tank and I looked at each other like Oh Shit lol. Boat is no joke.
  14. Apex svt

    Pirates of Lanier Poker Run - Georgia!

    Good deal, we’ll for sure meet up. We always make an effort to rattle Cali Rob’s cage. @lake p.a.l.
  15. Apex svt

    Pirates of Lanier Poker Run - Georgia!

    Yup! We’ll be down, fingers crossed for good weather.
  16. Apex svt

    LOTO 2023

    I wish man, my Floridian friend decided to get married this weekend like the selfish prick he is lol. Already skipped the Bach party for the rendezvous, so I should make this one. Kids got awful timing. I think it will be the harbor hop for me buddy. Unfortunately…
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    Cigarette is not Apache

    If it were an Apache…
  18. Apex svt

    Understanding my electric bill

    Without sounding rude. Yes, that’s what it looks like. What size is the system?
  19. Apex svt

    Understanding my electric bill

    The above is correct. These systems go from the panels/inverters pass through your generation meter into the the post meter side of your utility meter socket. Your home consumes the energy that your panels are producing without pulling from the grid. Therefore you are neither pushing to the...