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  1. fastenuff3

    Todd Moyer Lays Down A 5.14 @ 273 MPH In A Door Car

    looks more like a Noonan hemi
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    Timeless boat color(s)?

  3. fastenuff3

    Vehicle Oil Change Intervals

    Big rigs every 15 to 20000 but they hold 11 gallons and that is only a month of work.Pickup or car every 5000. I have a 2008 Suburban with 325000 and does not use any oil.Been on mobil one since new.
  4. fastenuff3

    Tow rig Tuesday! Boat content for a boating page.

    83 Suburban 454 big block
  5. fastenuff3

    Tell Us About Your User Name…

    The first Fastenuff was a 73 Wesco flat.Everybody always asked how fast is it. Fastenuff2 was a 83 Canyon flat that i ran in Pro Gas Flat. Fastenuff3 is a 2008 Hallett 290s with a stage 4 600sci.
  6. fastenuff3

    Anyone have a special needs child? Maynard and the Rain Man

    I have twin boys with cp.There older brother is a special needs high school teacher.The twins are invovled in special Olympics and love it.They both work, one at the local grocery store and the other at Dollar General.
  7. fastenuff3

    LOTO 2023 with rdp!

    that boat has 4 qc4v with big pro chargers.
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    Boat market - No reason to hold on to your hat.

    same owner for both boats
  9. fastenuff3

    New GMC 6.2 burning oil?

    bingo.i shut the dfm off at 60000 and my suburban has 310000 and no oil loss.i use mobil one since new and change every 5000
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    Hallett advice

    a step bottom with a 500 will do about 73. im guessing a 496 would be 67 or 68
  11. fastenuff3

    Badass 335 Hallett

    Do you crawl in all wet and sandy
  12. fastenuff3

    Try another prop??

    zep tub and tile cleaner works great.
  13. fastenuff3

    Boat speed records point to point?

    loto dam to dam run
  14. fastenuff3

    Hip to be square

  15. fastenuff3

    Plumbing "mystery"

    you can put a dye in tank and see if it goes to the bowl
  16. fastenuff3

    Plumbing "mystery"

    flapper leaking on a toilet
  17. fastenuff3

    HOLY LS7

    i used to buy them in the 1980s for 1700 dollars. in a 1968 Camaro it would run 11.50 easy. i put one in a 73 WESCO true flat bottom it would run 9.50 in the quater mile.
  18. fastenuff3

    2016 Duramax

    Any emissions problems have a 10 year warranty.My buddy purchased a 2015 cheap with pump failer and GM has a complete kit for under 2000 and he fixed it his self in a weekend. He is a carpentor by trade.