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  1. Croz

    Richer Racing Bronco build for RB’s Mom

    This thing is gonna party
  2. Croz

    Gotta love those CA roads….

    Prop 6 at work
  3. Croz

    2024/2025 skiing snowboarding! Any Ikon pass holders?

    My wife and i get them every year and average 15-25 days on the mountain, well worth it if you’re going to use it. We hit copper this year already and have been to mammoth and snow summit numerous times. I may be up that weekend in April as well. Last month I ripped the kid down school yard a...
  4. Croz

    Wake Boat Ban?

    I think they already are lol.
  5. Croz

    [WTS] Complete NIB FOCAL Audio system HUGE DEAL 50% OFF

    I bought a prop from Marc, one of the quicker easier private purchases I’ve been apart of. Killer deal here
  6. Croz

    ADU Rules.

    as a building inspector, I’ve seen some shitty situations regarding ADUs. This looks legit, they’re for sure permitted. Max height should be 16 feet to the ridge. They’re probably every bit of that.
  7. Croz


    2012 Silverado prefunner.
  8. Croz

    DANA trim tabs Chrome

    lol are these still available? Only a 12 year old thread
  9. Croz

    1988 Hallett Vector Build

    My seats are chopped and lowered in my 210. Worth it.
  10. Croz

    Coming down in Mammoth

    Yeeeew I’ll be on gondy first thing Fri morn with the wife and kid
  11. Croz

    Whats changing on RDP

    nailed it
  12. Croz

    We need to change what we eat (wife and me)

    My wife is an RD and specializes in CKD. She just made a book and also made a cook book she has made tailored for CKD patients. She has her own company she’s started and also works 1 on 1 with clients/patients. Shoot me a PM and I can send you her website/info
  13. Croz

    Offroad carnage

    Lol Stfu pussy
  14. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    Appreciate that! It’s a love or hate kinda bike haha
  15. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    Finally finished this pain in the ass last week, took almost a year lol. Got a little break in time and loaded the truck and went to glamis.
  16. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    That’s a bitchin piece right there! Woulda loved a fully fabbed housing like this, let’s see the rest of that Silverado..
  17. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    woulda loved to go this route, but we’re talkin an easy 6 grand to get it under the truck for that. I’m gonna be about half. Which still sucks. My suggestion to anyone is to buy one used. I’m stoked on the process but F this snowball. Boats are so much easier
  18. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    Yes hence the 2” spacers. Will be running them with new axle as well. I have to. The front end is 92” wide. It looks silly with out spacers. I can’t afford a fully fabbed rear end, so spacers it is haha
  19. Croz

    GM 10 bolt rear axle swap to 14 bolt

    So I cut the shock mounts, bump stop pads, and leaf perches off. Had a truss from artec and a diff cover from undercover fab in Alabama, had to love the full plug to the top and trim the truss to work with U bolts and bump pads. Rebuild of the axel going down next week. Will have this in before...