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    Greg ,or Grads

    Best wishes from Tennessee!
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    All good

    You mentioned that a new drive was recently put on. Any chance it is the wrong length and is either putting the prop too high or too low?
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    Home design software

    +1 on sketch up. I had my old house all drawn and the used layers for electrical circuits, lightings, gas lines, plumbing, etc.
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    Had one blow through Nashville a few weeks back. It was insane. Imagine a 300 mile wide storm come straight through at 70-80 mph. No swirling winds. Just a super strong storm that races through. It was over in 15 minutes.
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    ceiling speaker cables

    A channel will provide you with x watts of power. A channel will control the volume of the speakers hooked up to it. You could have 1 speaker or 10 hooked up to a single channel (if you are careful). All speakers on a channel will usually play at the same volume. Usually, the more speakers...
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    ceiling speaker cables

    More channels the merrier. It will give you more flexibility if you have more to work with. You could run a bathroom off of 1 channel and a gym off of another and a kitchen with a third and so on. You do want to keep an eye on the impedance you put on the amp, but honestly unless you are...
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    ceiling speaker cables

    14ga. Look for UL Rated if you will have the work inspected. Mono price is your friend. Individual runs is what I’d do.
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    Roast my DIY solar system on my camping truck

    If you coil/loop the wire from the panel x times and then put the clamp around the coil/loop you will see x time higher amperage. Could be useful just to get enough amperage for the meter to register. Even still, your are only going to get 100 watts max out of the panel at around 18v. So that...
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    Spectrum Sux

    Here is my take. The internet Isn’t going to make most people smarter. The internet is kind of like a huge library except all of the books are just strewn about on the ground in no meaningful way. The successful users are the ones that know how to search for what they need and when they need...
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    Project Spectra 24XS for sale

    What happened with this boat? Did it get a new home?
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    Havasu AC Question

    Seems like keeping the house constant would be easier considering you have to cool down the walls, ceiling, and everything else in the room
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    572 question

    So...stupid question...why is an I/o faster for a given amount of hp? Is there more propulsion related drag on a v-drive setup, or is an I/o just more capable of getting the hull out of the water? I know it will be all of the above, but looking for some insight
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    Never ever ever ever again Samsung. Absolute trash. They cannot make an ice maker that works (google Samsung ice maker ) and their warranty is only 1 year.
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    Ever measure the temp of your attic?

    And all the nails holding everything down just sitting there ready to jab you in the head. I hated my attic.
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    Re-wiring the Schiada gauge ideas.

    Red bezels with silver rim and white faces
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    Restrictions on surf boats

    Just find a creature that lives at waters edge whose habitat is being destroyed by the wakes and then let them go to town saving said creature. Probably some weird hybrid scorpion-tarantula of which there are like 3 left in the world. :rolleyes:
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    New cav plates in the works

    How do the plates attach to the bottom of the boat? I am assuming that a 1/4” -ish recess is made in the hull and then the plates are through bolted. If this is the case...is the hull thickened up to account for the recess?
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    Spectra 24XS

    So is the thought that the further forward the prop is that it makes it easier to carry the bow?
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    Head unit/GPS? Need some help.

    Check out the navionics app. It may be something you want to ensure you have. It turns your smart device into a chart plotter.