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    Trump trial man on fire

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    OJ Simpson dead at age 76

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    Small victory, Ivermectin

    Large doses of anything is not good. My doc gave me ivermectin when I had the coof the first time. Went from a 104.5 fever to totally normal in 24 hours. The dose was fairly low. 2 a day for 4 days.
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    History vs reality an interesting rant

    Cowboys as well. Not to be confused with ranchers or farmers. They were the people that moved cattle from the open range to train depots to be taken to slaughter. They were around for only about 5 years before someone invented barb wire. Barb wire prevented theft of someone else’s cattle branded...
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    Punk rock Woodstock

    Yes. Wife decided she wanted to go too. Insisted on VIP and she makes more money than me so I could not object to the price.
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    Punk rock Woodstock

    Anyone make it out to Agent Orange last night? They were on point. Like listening a a cassette in your car a la 1883.
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    Damn, I'm Out Of Shape!

    I know the feeling. Refereed 6 soccer games at a tournament last weekend. 16 year olds they assigned me to. Logged 11 miles. Could barely walk Monday morning. Thank god it was a holiday.
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    Punk rock Woodstock

    Last year with Rikk Agnew
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    Punk rock Woodstock

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    Punk rock Woodstock

    The old school punks in here will jaw drop at this lineup.
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    New Rock & Metal bands?

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    Who carries cash and who doesn’t?

    Never. Kids take it as fast as I add it.
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    Fish tanks anyone

    Initial investment for the tank and equipment was about $2500. Over the course of 7 years I’ve probably spent another $2000 on livestock, fish and coral. Some live and thrive, some don’t. Coral can be finicky and fish can be assholes killing new additions. Achieving a balance takes time.
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    Fish tanks anyone

    Yes. Flushed eyes immediately and thought all was well. Woke up at 2 am in excruciating pain. Went to ER and got medically flushed and steroid eye drops. Pain never subsided and eye started clouding up and turning white. Went to eye doctor who looked at it for all of 30 seconds and said drive to...
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    Fish tanks anyone

    That was me. No longer keep any soft corals. I was removing them safely under water and took out a birds nest coral to move it. Had a small paly on the base I didn’t see. Did not get my eye but rather my eyebrow. I instinctively wiped it away knowing the danger but something on my fingers got...
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    Fish tanks anyone

    Here’s mine
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    It's all in one place now...

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    2024 Chevy 1500 w/ 3.0 Duramax

    I have a 2023. Doesn’t use much DEF at all. Got 32 MPG going to Vegas a while back. Tows our 23’ travel trailer with ease.
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    X marks the spot…

    On the filament where to dose the mRNA 😂
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    Regor set him up!