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  1. sczagurs

    Can Am full metal doors

    Check out King Adam the Great fab. They did a canam and the doors look great. I personally have all carbon doors but wish I went TMW or to King Adam.
  2. sczagurs

    Eliminator Speedster sink at the regatta today?

    Aerator for the drive.
  3. sczagurs

    Found Dog Northside

    Sorry for the delay had to hunt down a sign. Was a different dog, glad the owner was found.
  4. sczagurs

    Found Dog Northside

    I saw someone putting up signs last night. Let me see if I can find one.
  5. sczagurs

    Az sxs registration

    Give quick stop a call they have it all dialed in. If it’s brand new it also has to do with retail. Check the 5 year on and off road.
  6. sczagurs

    Conquest Top Cat 1 233 hours

    Missed it. Thank you
  7. sczagurs

    Conquest Top Cat 1 233 hours

    Price? Buddy might be interested.
  8. sczagurs

    Car shopping today wish us luck

    Don’t bother, they are all beat to shit. Trust me, I’ve driven plenty after they took crown Vic. Replacing the water pump is a nightmare. A few buddies own them and love them, they aren’t in service 24/7 and are not beat. Both of them love them, the ST is gorgeous. Had a member stop by and...
  9. sczagurs

    Drain plugs

    Is it on a magic deck?
  10. sczagurs

    Boat & Trailer Length

    I would say but a trailer dolly or go see adrenaline and have them do a swinging tongue, you would be money if you had one!
  11. sczagurs

    Boat & Trailer Length

    Sorry for the delay, 34’2” but I did have a new tongue installed when they couldn’t replace my actuator.
  12. sczagurs

    Boat & Trailer Length

    Should be right at 34’, I have a deck and will be in town this weekend if you want me to measure.
  13. sczagurs

    Need Trailer Detail in IE.

    Top Flight Detail +1 (909) 912-9873
  14. sczagurs

    Need Trailer Detail in IE.

    A buddy of mine used Top Flight Detail and was very happy with him. He is doing my truck next week.
  15. sczagurs

    Magic Deck Boats

    Horizon Motorsports owns them. I believe they were being laid up by Ultra but had issues (rumor) and then he was looking for his own guys?
  16. sczagurs

    Amazon prime day 7/12-7/13

    I have Yet to have a problem. Works well, good quality.
  17. sczagurs

    Briggs & Stratton lawn mower

    If they are let me know please! I would Love to snag this.
  18. sczagurs

    Briggs & Stratton lawn mower

    Thanks, won’t be out there anytime soon. Could use it for sure!
  19. sczagurs

    Briggs & Stratton lawn mower

    Not coming to Havasu anytime soon are you?
  20. sczagurs

    Need Advice On Boat Price

    Check out coast motor group. They have a few right now.