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    Parker / Havasu Rental Easter Weekend

    I'd like to rent a place on Parker April 1-4. Maybe even Mar 31 - April 4. Interested in renting a boat too. Parker is preferred, but will entertain Havasu. Anything out there?
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    Is The Deep State going to jail?

    This is 43 minutes long, but worth it. Around the 4 minute mark, it gets really interesting as he highlights what we've already discussed here, which is that Mike Pence is driving this bus, not the "Joe and the Hoe", or Obama's punk ass. Then he proceeds to break down the series of events that...
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    So come to find out, he's behind everything. He's looking for a 3rd Term with some talking heads out in front of him. Awesome. This morning I hear an interview with him and Trevor Noah, and he admits he wasn't born here, and laughing about it. He fucked us over for 8 years, stole our money and...
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    Why the lost hope / faith??

    So when I was running around super excited about the 2016 Election results, everybody said still not over, have to go through the College, then the Supreme Court can step in, blah blah blah fuckin blah. Fast forward to today. After the Fake News called it Nov 3 2020, now all you fuckers are...
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    Sign it

    *Schwarzenegger voice* DO EET NOW! https://srnnews.com/sign-the-petition-to-verify-the-election/
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    Happy 245th Birthday Marines!

    Happy Birthday Devil Nutz! Today is your day. Drink till you show your ass, and then drink some more. Very proud to have served with you Maniacs and Psychos. I'll never forget you. My time served was the only time in my life I didn't have to censor myself. Cheers! 🍻 🇺🇲
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    Watermarked Ballots?

    Was DT one step ahead again, or just bullshit?
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    WTB : Cool Truck

    I got $25k ready to go for a 4 door truck. Im open to alot of stuff. However, no Titans, no Ecoboost Fords, and no V6 or smaller V8's. I'm in Phoenix and will travel up to 7 hours one way, for the right Ride. Thanks.
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    Kyle Rittenhouse donations

    For all you guys talkin' that "let's pop a p mag and start shooting" stuff, Kyle beat ya to it. So the next best thing you can do, is try and keep this young Patriot outta jail.
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    AZ locked down again

    Ducey is on the Board of Directors for TGEN. He makes money on all of this shit, including the testing, which is the reason for the spike. Politicians are pulling our strings, and our legs. Restaurants will be next, next week. Fuck Ducey.
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    Blackout Tuesday??

    Anybody else seen this? Folks posting all black for #blackouttuesday on Instagram? From what I understand it's dual support for both George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. I'm all done with IG today. I just can't wrap my head around the gullibility. When did being a Pussy become ok in this...
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    Was Officer Chauvin really arrested??

    I brought this down here because it is in fact some Tinfoil Hat shit, but has got me thinking: Lots of Folks saying the same thing...
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    NICS Background Checks are all done

    Gun Shops have just been declared non-essential, so the Feds are shutting down the BG Checks. Starting in CA, and effective in TX, midnight tonight 3/24/20. Yes, I said Texas. So if you're one of those Dipshits trying to panic buy a Firearm, you're fucked and too dumb to own one anyway.
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    Happy 244th Marines!

    I'll never forget you Guys and Girls. Today is your Day! Make it count! Happy Birthday!
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    Fox News

    ....Fucking getting worse and worse. Puppets. 95% of em. Gonna be the same shit as the rest of em come Election time. I post some pretty Radical shit sometimes and even I'm amazed I haven't been banned yet.... Yet. But when I get resistance, can't remember my Facts being argued.... What's so...
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    Getting carried away

    Anybody get banned for talking shit and forgot what section they're in?
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    Moving forward with Impeachment

    Listening to Rush this morning. Brought up a good point. Impeachment is going to take alot longer than the Election in 2020. Haha those fuckin Losers just admitted defeat.
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    Red Flag Name Calling Experiment

    So, this can't be an apples to apples deal because RDP is NOT a Democracy and your Vote doesn't mean shit. So that's why I didn't do a Poll. So I think it's hysterical when you Buttholes get really wound up and creative with the name calling. Has seriously had me giggling for hours. Rules say...
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    Red Flag Laws

    The beginning of the end, Folks. If these get passed, we're all done. It will no longer be ok to carry a Gun in The United States of America, which will no longer make it, The United States of America. Before anybody calls me TinFoil Hat, I'm not saying they're gonna kick in doors and...
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    2015 Adrenaline 22 Cat

    2015 Talon mold made by Adrenaline 22'10" XL Tall Deck, (4) Competition Seats, Booming Stereo, 400R, Jack Plate, Hydraulic Steering, 85mph, $3k worth of new props for you to test. Nice Adrenaline Trailer, all LED's. Have lots of pics. $79k