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  1. davethewave

    Should I Forget About Running Wet Stacks?

    My 454 LS6 is 60 over , 11 1/4 to 1, don't remember the cam specs but I remember 630 was in there and the shop referred to it as a V-drive cam(non Roller) solid lifters, Roller Rockers, 990 Heads. Shop said it was about 650 HP. Just bought a set of Basset Headers (which I paid too much for)...
  2. davethewave

    Show Me Your Wet Exhaust Plumbing For O.T. Headers

    I'd like to see what the plumbing consists of for A wet Headers set up. Thanks
  3. davethewave

    Show Me Your Header Braces

    I just bought some new Bassets (the long ones) and need some ideas on how to secure 'em and prevent 'em from cracking later on down the road. (I mean River)
  4. davethewave

    What Year Did Tri Valley Machine Close Its' Doors ?

    I took my motor to these guys from the time they opened their shop in Pacheco, CA . up until they called it quits. Great guys , Good 'ol days. I'm trying to figure out how many seasons my motor has since the last rebuild which was done during the last days before they shut down. I know...
  5. davethewave

    Cavitation Plate Lockout Handle

    The lockout handle that allows you to take your foot off the cavitation peddle does not work . i think i needto open up the unit and inspect but not sure if i have to release the springs for the cavitation plate. I've had this boat since 1978. Never had to mess with cav plate.
  6. davethewave

    Center Hole Drain Plug 1972 Sanger

    I've replaced the the outside drain plugs (1 inch) but can't find a center replacement plug which is slightly bigger on a '72 Sanger Bubble Deck. Center plug is working but the rubber shows cracks when tightening. Lol. I'm sure alot of guys wish this was their only problem ! Lol
  7. davethewave

    Twisty Headers on A V-Drive?

    I've only seen 'em on Jets. Not sure if I will like 'em on my V-Drive. Any Pics ?
  8. davethewave

    318 Poly Needs Camshaft

    So, I have these Chrysler 318's in a Chris Craft and one of the Cams went flat. It has solid lifters. Should I be looking for A Marine Camshaft or is a stock Automotive Cam OK ? I'm finding solid lifters are pretty hard to come by , at least for this application , and Auto parts shops want to...
  9. davethewave

    Rudder Change (slight difference)

    will there be much difference in steering, handeling between these 2 Rudders? They're both off Sangers. The slightly longer one is my original, which is bad.
  10. davethewave

    estimated cost for new floors ?

    I found out it could be the floors are warped which makes the '72 Sanger porpois at around 70 mph. There's water under the glass, so there's bound to be some rot. How much $ am I looking at ifI do it myself ?
  11. davethewave

    Could Use A Velocity Stack Or Two

    Please text (925)324-3101 or email [email protected] ...Thanks !
  12. davethewave

    WTB Wedge Rudder

    I need A good Rudder.Mine lets in A ton of water and Im tired of having to run the bilge all the time..Steel ,no bronze.
  13. davethewave

    Casale Gears

    How do I determine what gears are in my casale?
  14. davethewave

    cavitation plate adjust lower on the left or right?

    I have totally forgotten which side should be a bit lower on my plate . Hell...I can't even remember which way the steering pulls..lol. I'm pretty sure it pulls to the right. So , pulling to the right I would think lower the right side to make up for it? A buddy (whose not around any more and...
  15. davethewave

    porpoising sanger... springs?

    '72 sanger starts porpoising around 70 mph. Been dealing with this for a few years now. Tried all different plate adjustments. Could it be the springs are wore out? It's A dual spring setup.
  16. davethewave


    I'm looking for A wedge Rudder for A Sanger V-Drive. The shaft on mine is worn causing some slop Also looking for A Jones Tach. Please call Dave @ (925)324-3101 or [email protected] THANKS
  17. davethewave

    Anyone have A Buzz Box laying around?

    Had to pull the Heads so I'm gonna need A Buzz Box. Yes , I know they sell for around $70 but that's too much. Has about $10 worth of parts! Heads are going on today(monday) with ARP studs.Block has many Helicoils.I think I own the record...
  18. davethewave

    2 blade prop wanted

    Im looking to change the prop I've ran from day one, about 30 + years(maybe 40).Anyway the original Bronze prop has got to go! Boat does 85+ and porpoises at around 70. Can't afford new at this time. I'm in the Bay Area.I'm sure if I took A day off and visited Camp Far West and met some...