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  1. warpt71

    LHC Electrical Contractor

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone, not really a referral, that might be interested in helping me with a project. I am having my underground utilities rerouted and will need power reconnected to the house. This is all due to a pool build that I'm trying to get moving, my pool builder will be...
  2. warpt71

    Which one are you?

  3. warpt71

    Halfdozen pool build

    I know we have a ton of pool builds on here and probably don't need another one, but I want to be able to look back once it's done. We started this process back in early October and we should start digging Tuesday. We got a good referral for Mickey of Primo Custom Pools, he came over one...
  4. warpt71

    Water softeners...... someone smarter than me please help

    System was already installed when I bought the house last summer. The salt ran out, I refilled it and it was working fine untill it wasn't. The brine tank still had salt but it had turned to a brick and there was a ton of dirt in the tank. I broke up all the salt and everything seemed to be...
  5. warpt71

    Outlaw Karts

    Anybody here know anything about them? Specifically QRC's, either A-90 or Intermediate. We're looking for one and advice about them.
  6. warpt71

    Turkey fryer help LHC

    Well I need some help! Anyone have a fryer base that I could borrow? Went to light it tonight to make sure we're good to go tomorrow and it appears I have a bad regulator. Last year we suspected it was the timer so I bypassed that and still no dice. I took it all back apart and get no gas flow...
  7. warpt71

    Horse shoe cactus

    Anybody know where in Havasu to get one? We see them all over the place but I cant recall seeing anywhere that sells them. Serranos Nursery has some yard art but I haven't seen the horse shoe style there
  8. warpt71

    Home blueprints

    My realtor came through yesterday. When we originally looked at our new house, we were told that the original blueprints we're in a closet, and we saw them, but didn't open them. Fast forward to moving in and the box that I had seen with the prints is no where to be found? We asked and asked but...
  9. warpt71

    Ceiling fans

    Soo we moved into a new to us house a few weeks ago and the damn ceiling fan in the living room is off balance and makes a horrible ticking noise. Has anyone had any luck balancing the fan blades? It blows my mind because the same exact fan is in the dining room and our master, both of those...
  10. warpt71

    A/C guys, quick question

    I replaced the condenser fan motor on my unit down in Blythe and now Im second guessing myself. Everything operates as it should but Im wondering bout the fan blade installed height. Is there a general rule of thumb for this? Im thinking I set it too low and Im not getting enough airflow. I...
  11. warpt71

    Tied up at FOX'S wed

    was an absolute awesome day on the water, we even went back for a full day yesterday. @rivrrts429 old boat in the middle
  12. warpt71

    Anyone work in the traffic signal field?

    I have 2 sets of lights, red, yellow, green, that I would like to wire up and mount in the garage. I believe a controller can be bought through amazon. I looked for a wile to figure out how to mount them but came up short. Hoping we have someone in here that works for a city or state that can...
  13. warpt71

    '81 Hondo runner bottom "Flat Loose"

    Im starting this at work and will add pics later when I have access to them. I picked up another project over the weekend lol A little back story first. My first boat was a '71 Hondo flat that my dad helped me buy from a family friend of ours. I remember being at work and my dad calling me...
  14. warpt71

    Garage door adjustment?

    The small door of my 3 car garage is always a pain in the ass to close. Sometimes it will get half way down and then open again other times it gets about an inch from closing and opens all the way up again. I can never hit the button and have it shut. Its usually 2 or 3 attempts and it will...
  15. warpt71

    House boat trip

    Morning all, Given the choice, where would you prefer to get your House boat from; Cottonwood or Callville? My wife won us a 5 day rental on a 59' and we can choose one of the above locations. We are planning to go the 2nd week of October (I think lol) We will most likely be taking our...
  16. warpt71

    [WTS] '88 Kawasaki 650 sx

    '88 650 cean ski, stock motor, straight bars, PJS ride plate and Westcoast loader. Has a primer and gas switch delete. delete. Ski is painted all white with black diamond turf. The fuel pump was rebuilt maybe 2 years ago and the carb needs some fine tuning. There is a newer Interstate battery in...
  17. warpt71

    Drying out your boat?

    We were out during that storm on Sunday in Parker and the boat was soaked inside, not a huge deal, it's a boat after all! Lol I was out in the garage this evening and holy hell was it humid in there!!! The boats ski locker still has some standing water in it as does the bilge. I jacked up the...
  18. warpt71

    Infants, life jackets and boating

    Ok y'all, school me please!!!! 1 month old baby girl, 6lbs 11oz. She is being dropped off to my wife and I this evening, we will be fostering her untill she is adoptable. She was born on the 4th of July. I'm ok parking the boat for the season but I don't think it's necessary. How young were...
  19. warpt71

    Industrial style shelving unit

    I've had this unit for probably 8 years and have had it set up many different places. Currently I just doesn't fit in my garage. Full assembled dimensions are 12' long X 3' deep and up to 7' tall. There are 10 shelves total, 5 per bay. I have had this set up as one 6' X 3' bay, without cutting...
  20. warpt71

    Home stereo guys.....

    My house is has speakers in the master bedroom, patio and 2 sets in the living room. I have been looking for a amp/receiver to run everything off and on for a wile now. Currently we have a small desk top radio hooked up and it works but there are no audio inputs. I was out running errands today...