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  1. max930

    Record gun sales for Black Friday

    Gun control is a dismal failure in Canada. We still have a massive gun violence problem here in BC. For our population size, etc..... Its as bad as any American city is. Even Chicago. Despite gun control, I have a restricted firearms license here. A gun owner and a huge Magnum PI fan. I even...
  2. max930

    Remembrance and Veterns Day

    Veterans Day was created in 1954, by the Eisenhower administration. The main reason it was too much like Memorial Day. You see the unknown theme is remembrance of WWI, WWII and Korea veterans remembrance. The unknown's all symbol this. The problem these days are for all who served not the...
  3. max930

    Marine Corps Birthday Today

    Ok history buffs. Was America alone in Vietnam? No you morons. Both Australia and New Zealand declared war on Vietnam. Since Eisenhower changing Remembrance Day, into Veterans Day. The second you don't need the Allies, you cast us aside. Not one American gives even an ounce of respect to any...
  4. max930

    Marine Corps Birthday Today

    Spell one word wrong... :rolleyes Its totally disrespectful to use others death and service to get respect for yourself! Celebrate the Marines yes. Use the image of the Marines to get respect. LOW Class....................... Eisenhower was another class-less POS! In other words go to...
  5. max930

    Marine Corps Birthday Today

    Memorial Day is an American day to memorial all who have died for America. Remembrance Day is for all allied forces that served and died in WWI, WWII, and Korea. We can honor all currently serving military because they are in harms way. But individual thanks is disrespectful. Its like...
  6. max930

    Marine Corps Birthday Today

    While I appreciate the Marines. And will not forget their sacrifice in WWI, WWII, and Korea. I'm glad they are around. So for that I say Happy Birthday. But I will not thank a living veteran, combat or otherwise. On Remembrance Day its highly disrespectful to thank a living veteran for their...
  7. max930

    Trump won

    Its telling that the only place Clinton was the clear winner is Washington DC. Clinton 93% to Trumps 4% there.
  8. max930

    Drive-Through Carwash Causes $6,000 in Damage on New Ford F-150

    I run my 15 F150 through the car wash all the time. Most around here are the touch-less kind. The closest Shell to my house has an old school brush type and I'll never use it. Too scared it will damage even my car.
  9. max930

    Anybody fish? what's the biggest you've..

    When I was about 14. I caught a 38lb King Salmon near the BC and Alaskan border. Most of my family is into sports fishing. My same age cousin worked in a tackle shop, made custom flies and fishing rods, they started the job around age 13. Oh I should mention she! My Dad had a 22 foot Boston...
  10. max930

    Westworld HBO

    I really enjoy the show. It helps that I was a fan of the original 1970's movie, before the series came out. I'm really enjoying this series.
  11. max930

    Are you guys financially ready for Donald Trump?

    Yes, I love the prospect of a Trump presidency. Obama has been a disaster for Canada, along with many other traditional allies. Bringing in Mexico into free trade has been a huge disaster for Canada. We also invested in Obama's financial crisis bailout. Our banks have fallen in global size in...
  12. max930

    Constitutional Scholar to the White Courtesy Phone

    If Hillary is elected and then legally removed via high crimes and misdemeanors. It will be the biggest constitutional crisis in political history. Even bigger then the scandals in the aftermath of Harding's passing, I.e.: the tea dome scandal. And even greater then Watergate. This will nail the...
  13. max930

    Cant wear a ball cap and sunglasses in a Bank ?

    Its actually a federal law. My bank in Washington State, their branches have a nice sign on the door asking people to remove hats and sunglasses. I know the branch manager very well and asked him about it. He said its a similar law to no weapons on post office and certain federal property. Just...
  14. max930

    When Trump made fun of a reporter with a disability it sealed the deal for me

    I wont defend his disability bashing. But I don't elevate someone captured by the enemy as a war hero simply because they got captured. To be a captured hero, you must successfully escape. Fact is to get better treatment from the North Vietnamese, a prisoner had to disown America. McCain its...
  15. max930

    Constitutional Scholar to the White Courtesy Phone

    True but the 25th was added in 1967. The Kennedy assassination created a mini constitutional crisis. Tyler was the first Vice President to assume the presidency without being elected. Fords was just more constitutional because his succession so far is the only one done under the 25th. Tyler is...
  16. max930

    Constitutional Scholar to the White Courtesy Phone

    If Clinton was charged and convicted, it would be the first for a president. I know Tyler succeeded Harrison when the later died a few weeks into his first term as president. Tyler finished Harrisons term without a Vice President. I assume if the president is removed, the Vice President moves...
  17. max930

    Costco Rant

    For some crazy reason the federal disability act has a section on service animals. Under the law you can basically claim any dog as a service dog if you have a disability and businesses can't discriminate against the service dog or animal. I.e.: they can't deny a needed service dog access to...
  18. max930

    sad deal

    These things just didn't happen when I was a kid in the 1980's. Even in the poorer area's, we didn't have gangs violence. Now days its getting too fucked with mall shootings, drive by shootings, etc. I blame liberalism in the public school system. The fucked thing people keep posting video...
  19. max930

    sad deal

    Happened at a local school today. Both my neighbors have kids at the school involved. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/1-student-dead-another-wounded-in-double-stabbing-at-abbotsford-high-school-1.3831825 Very sad........... Hate to point out the obvious. But we have gun control...