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  1. Boatracer36

    CA closing 30% water and Land use by 2030

    Any one else get this from Boat US.
  2. Boatracer36

    Fighter Jets in OC?

    Anyone else hear/see the jets in OC know whats going on?
  3. Boatracer36

    NASCAR Phoenix Int speedway

    So going to my first Nascar race this Sunday. Anyone got some tips?
  4. Boatracer36

    Clear bra on your river vehicle?

    How many people have put the protective clear bra on the front of their vehicles? Is it worth it?
  5. Boatracer36

    Desert Bar Ride

    Plan on doing a little offroading and the first trip of the season to the desert bar next weekend Saturday October 15th anyone interested?
  6. Boatracer36

    Can-am Maverick X3

    What do you guys think!!
  7. Boatracer36

    Stern Insurance on The Road Seattle SeaFair / Water Ski Races

    It was 4 weeks ago when we were all in Parker cruising up to Foxs on Marty Leonard?s #22 Schiada. Everything was great? until it wasn't! The freshly built twin turbo decided it didn't want to be a part of ski racing anymore just 1 month before we were scheduled to road trip to Seattle for the...
  8. Boatracer36

    Wadded Up Wednesday's

    So Dave thought this would be a good idea to post our Instagram marketing campaign here on RDP. So every Wednesday we will be post some boat pics. If anyone has questions or wants me to look over there current Insurance policies please feel free to contact me anytime. Cell 949-632-4500 Email...
  9. Boatracer36

    ST Patrick's Day Poker run

    Anyone doing this poker run in Parker the 19TH?
  10. Boatracer36

    Eliminator Open House

    Anyone going out to the open house tomorrow?
  11. Boatracer36

    What do you think?

  12. Boatracer36

    Closest place to offroad from the OC.

    So looking to do a little offroading this weekend. I have the RZR down here from Parker and looking for a close spot to go. I have always gone to Johnson Valley 2hr 30 min drive. Anything else around? Anyone want to go?
  13. Boatracer36

    Sand Sport Show 2015

    Who's going? I will be at the Farmers Insurance booth 4-7 today and maybe a little on Sunday. Stop and say hello.
  14. Boatracer36

    350 Mercury Verado For Sale

    2014 Mercury Racing 350- SCI Verado Like NEW. Put into service May 21, 2014. Engine just had annual service. Mercury factory warranty until May 21, 2017 Call or text 949-632-4500 Brad
  15. Boatracer36

    Teague Experience

    So I ordered a part from Teague last week and didn't even look at it until today. First thing I notice it was machined wrong. So give them a call spoke to the same guy who sold it to me, Adrian. So explained that I thought the part was machined wrong he also agreed. First thing he says "I will...
  16. Boatracer36

    Parker this weekend?

    So who is going? I'm heading out Wednesday :D
  17. Boatracer36

    Av Gas

    Where can you get Av Gas in Orange County??
  18. Boatracer36

    Internet and cable in the Keys

    Tried using Direct TV with Hughesnet for internet which is a scam!!! $40 more a month then what was agreed on. Then when trying to cancel with out even using the service they want to charge $300 to remove the dish. Crazy how company's can get away with this. Who do you guys use?
  19. Boatracer36

    4TH of July in Parker

    Partying at the keys lower and upper sand bars Foxs!!!
  20. Boatracer36

    Cell service in the keys??

    I know this has been a post before but cant find it. I have heard some people talk about an antenna you can instal to get better service?? Any info. would be great.