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  1. scottchbrite

    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Actually finished a few lingering projects on my days off... moved the air compressor out of the wife’s garage and built an enclosure for it along my shop. I still need to plumb the shop correctly instead of 1 long air hose. and then decided i needed to do the “extreme gardening” and brush up...
  2. scottchbrite

    For those that like hot cheese

    we made Monterey chicken (like Chili’s) with that cheese the other night at work. So good!!!
  3. scottchbrite

    RPD look out in Hemet

    Hemet sucks. Probably a River Whips person
  4. scottchbrite

    CA coast cruise rental car??

    I think certain Enterprise locations do. When we went to the free state of Florida last year, I rented a nice BMW. Might need to go closer to LA area
  5. scottchbrite

    Lumber Collusion?

    It’s probably for Peterman lumber which is right there along the 10 I believe it’s for the truss companies located there - inland and cal truss are there in Perris These prices are dumb. I just want to finish the inside of my shop!
  6. scottchbrite

    Any Peterbilt /Landoll trailer sales contacts?

    Hit up your fire department counterparts. The city and county have a fleet of them for their heavy equipment divisions. They’ll have approved vendor contacts already.
  7. scottchbrite

    C.R.I.T. BW bankruptcy really !!!!

    My Indian story- I HAD a park model trailer in Big River. I tolerated their BS because there wasn’t much choice. Where my disgust of tribal bullshit started is when I built my house in Murrieta. Ive told the story before. Basically, after the phase 1 archeological review and AB52, the Cahuilla...
  8. scottchbrite

    Bad crash 40 West - 33 miles east of Barstow

    @FlyByWire where do you work? I pretty much bring it up every year. As was said, it can take an hour plus for us To get to some of these areas on the 40/15/62. I, personally, did a 2 month assignment in Needles when we put Paramedics on the engine there. It was crazy the response times we had...
  9. scottchbrite

    Lumber prices.....????

    What are you paying a yard for concrete right now? Judging by what a bag of it is going for at HD, Im afraid to call!
  10. scottchbrite

    Big Shout Out to So Cal Pools!

    Get in line! I’ve been waiting since November for a design/ideas from Julian......
  11. scottchbrite

    ok fellas.. Dinning room chairs?

    We are going through the same thing right now. We’re having a 10’ formal dining table made by a local company to replicate a Pottery Barn table. Our table will be a lot nicer though- real wood, maple top, etc. The chairs she wants are from Ballard Design and the price was over $3200. And then...
  12. scottchbrite

    Tin Roof recommendations

    Thanks. I asked about an insurance discount when we were building and pretty much got laughed at. I hoped that because the house was built with fire resistance in mind that there would be a benefit, but I was wrong. We’re on the CA Fair Plan and there’s no deals I guess.
  13. scottchbrite

    Tin Roof recommendations

    We used Berry Roofing in Riverside. We did a standing seam metal roof on our whole house. We found there weren’t a lot of options on installers when we bid ours. I believe there’s someone on the boards that does it too, don’t remember though. It’s not cheap but it’s fire resistant, lasts a...
  14. scottchbrite

    a good garden hose

    I dont have one but I’ll be getting the hose and reel for my shop. https://www.eleyhosereels.com/products/5-8-polyurethane-garden-hose
  15. scottchbrite

    Help finding dragster scoop for jet botë

    Like DC-88 said, find a scoop you like and then build/buy the tray to fit. They usually dzus fasten on the side. Look at any Super Comp Dragster for ideas. Those guys have all the shiny, pretty race car stuff, just like jet botes 😎
  16. scottchbrite

    Backyard Shed Info Needed

    Steel is on its way up too. The guys that built my shop called me near the end of March to ask if I wanted to place an order for anything. Steel went up 25% April 1st.
  17. scottchbrite

    Backyard Shed Info Needed

    I wish lumber was back to these prices!
  18. scottchbrite

    Septic Repair in Riverside

    A house full of girls..... 5 bathrooms
  19. scottchbrite

    Septic Repair in Riverside

    Yup, amazingly simple.
  20. scottchbrite

    Dead heading

    This thread brought back some memories of our “traveling circus”. We would race Pomona, then Monday morning hit the road for the Orlando points race the next weekend. We would then leave Florida and head back west for the national event in Phoenix the following weekend. After Phoenix, we’d head...