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  1. 236eaglexp

    Looking for People who love their pets

    Backstory.... About 8 months ago my wife and I were introduced to some amazing people, who started a pet food and supplement company. They hired some of the top pet nutritionists and started a company that provides great nutrition for dogs and cats. They use all natural ingredients...no...
  2. 236eaglexp

    2006 2500hd lbz ccsb Duramax 4wd

    2006 crew cab short bed, Victory red Just under 95k miles. $34k obo Has the LBZ Duramax , 6 speed Allison. Lt3 package with sunroof , heated leather, spray in bed liner, 6" rcd lift, Bilsteins, banks exhaust, procomp 16" wheels, 35" bfg at tires Banks exhaust Truck has never towed toy haulers...
  3. 236eaglexp

    Howard sportdeck rehab

    So, a couple years ago I bought a 2008 Howard Sportdeck from an estate sale in South Carolina. Bought the boat site unseen after talking to the seller for a few hours. In the meantime my wife and I sold our pristine Howard Bullet to an RDP member. Needless to say, when the deck boat arrived...
  4. 236eaglexp

    My Experience with Palomar Solar

    So, I've wanted to do a solar array for quite some time, but always found somewhere else to spend the money instead of actually jumping on the solar bandwagon. All along, I couldnt stand how much our SCE bill was every month. Being we just bought a new house, I figured it was finally time to...
  5. 236eaglexp

    2015 GMC 3500 Denali Dually

    Selling our Denali Dually. Truck is white with black interior. I believe it has every option that was available that year except for 5th wheel mount in bed. 4 Wheel Drive Heated/cooled seats Lane departure Parking sensors Rear entertainment/DVD Sunroof Power rear window Heads up display warning...
  6. 236eaglexp

    Thanks Mellowyellowvector aka Socalpools

    Giving a big thanks to Tim aka Mellowyellowvector!!! We just bought a new house and the pool equipment was in pretty rough shape. I spoke to Tim here and discussed options for doing a change out on equipment. His pricing was very competitive, and he was extremely knowledgeable on which...
  7. 236eaglexp

    Tamalewagon aka Wenhe Mortgage

    So my wife has been wanting to move out of our house and into something with a little more space, since the 3 kids we still have at home needed a little more room to play. Reluctantly I set a price and said "if we get a full price offer I would move". I figured I had just bought myself a few...
  8. 236eaglexp

    Ford super duty Rubicon express parts

    I've got some parts that I was going to put on our excursion 4wd, but never ended up using. Attached are images of part #'s from the boxes. If I remember correctly it's most of 2hat you'd need to do a 2.5"-3" lift on 99-04 superduty/excursion 4wd. About $750 spent. $200 takes it all. Located...
  9. 236eaglexp

    Imco SCX on Howard Sport Deck

    Are there any Howard sport deck owners who have done a full scx upper and lower? I can find results of scx upper/sc lower, but am looking for results/experience using the 1400 scx lower.
  10. 236eaglexp

    Bravo one XR drive swept back

    Up for sale is my bravo one XR. It's got 102 hours on it. Has a drive shower and an imco rear cap for hydraulic steering. It's a 1.5 ratio dual water pickup. Came off a 2008 boat. I'm upgrading engine and going to an imco scx. $4750 obo I've also got a fresh rebuilt drive that was kept as a...
  11. 236eaglexp

    Rebuilt Bravo 1 XR swept back

    I am selling a bravo 1 XR drive. I bought this from Jerry Haney on offshoreonly as a spare to have for my Howard sportdeck. It was freshly rebuilt with new upper gearset, clutches, etc. I've since decided to do a whipple upgrade and move up to an scx drive, so this one is up for sale...
  12. 236eaglexp

    2005 29' Shockwave Magnatude closed bow

    I'm selling my Shockwave Magnatude. I bought the boat from an rdp member to get through the summer while our deck boat was being refurbished. Our other boat is nearing completion, so time to let this one go. Some details on the boat: 540ci BBC, Imco SC drive, Imco Extension Box, Imco Gatlin...
  13. 236eaglexp

    2004 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4

    We are selling our Ford Excursion. 2004 Limited 4x4 Diesel 6.0 I bought the truck from the 2nd owner 5yrs ago. It was originally sold and then lemon lawed by the original owner with I believe around 15-20k miles on it. Ford fixed it and sold it to the 2nd owner whom I bought it from. It had...
  14. 236eaglexp

    My kids hijacked a Fountain today

    My son taking his little sis for a ride in my buddy's Fountain this evening on the way back from the Springs!
  15. 236eaglexp

    Looking for a car for our daughter

    Does anybody have a decent car they are looking to sell? We need something to get our daughter through college. Looking in the $5-7k range.
  16. 236eaglexp

    Howard Sport deck owners

    Does anyone have a Howard Sportdeck that's been capped front and rear? Can you post or pm me some close up pics? Trying to figure out the transition for rub rail, and also which rub rail to use being that the hull is a shoebox style. Thanks
  17. 236eaglexp

    Couch for sale in Havasu

    Very little use. We are in town if anyone wants to come see it. $250 obo
  18. 236eaglexp

    I need a pallet jack in Havasu

    Does anybody have a pallet jack in Havasu I can borrow for a couple hours tonight or tomorrow morning?
  19. 236eaglexp

    Does anybody have a crf50 for sale?

    I'm looking for a clean stock crf50 for my son for Christmas. If you have one for sale please shoot me a pm.
  20. 236eaglexp

    Trailer rebuild

    I bought a Sportdeck last year, and although it had really low hours, it looked like it sat in a slip for quite awhile. So the entire boat is being re done. While it is being re gel coated by Islander Marine, I figured we'd give the trailer some love. First up was adding some extra supports as...