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    Keystone XL.... gone

    Well it is officially dead, clueless joe just fucked Alberta out of 1.3 billion plus future incomes Fuck you joe and all commie liberals
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    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    So he lied....just like gmac lied......
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    Water Spot Remover - Black Car

    Call Steve 2ff
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    I can't help but blame the Covid shot.....

    Same deal for my father in law on Monday,
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    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    A good Chiro guy and loosing excess pounds helped me
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    The Plan?

    or a rope swing
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    The Plan?

    The forth reich, this has been planned for a long time and the sheep are following along nicely
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    I bought 2 a month ago, a zz 502 and a ho 502. The zz is good, the ho is playing head games
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    I will know tonite, glad I bought a crate motor so I didn't have to spend time building one
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    TDC and timing mark verified No detonation motor is out, disassembled and being checked something is wrong
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    New wires new dizzy grounds good alt new and tested good
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    Carb is bang on in my zz 502 at 13.1 to 13.3, 13.9 to 14 .1 at idle running 12,4 to 12.7 on this ho.... a hair fat pv is 7.5 jetting is 72 and 78 Holley 4150 New msd hei distributor, 22* mech advance, no vac adv cam timing not checked before install
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    Exactly, except for the starter drag/stall you would think that it was spun
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    yes a replacement, original engine was a numbers matching from another car and being returned to it Started with a Fi Tech efi and pulled cause it ran like shit
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    new gm crate, 30 miles TDC verified, balancer marks verified 2 different timing lights(snap on) 8.75 to 1 3800' elevation carb 750 holly( jetting a hair fat) and fi tech injection (removed) all advance in by 2600
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    have a timing issue with a crate 502 ho No vac advance, 92 octane 14 initial with 22 of mech advance(36) it runs like a wet dog, no power and hot 27 initial and 22 mech advance(49) runs great, no detonation, just wants to kick the starter out any ideas?
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    One for the strange news file: "El Paso Woman Wakes Up To Find Blood Dripping On Her From The Ceiling

    Cubic dollars for these clean ups, send them over
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    From Multiple Peace Deals to War in 3 Months

    Horseshit and you know it, The best defense is a good offense