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  1. SpeedyWho

    Newsom will NOT lift any regulations on June 15th as promised

    So..... California, I'm glad your governor cares so much about your well being. So many states other states don't care enough about their people to keep them safe. But seriously, Somebody needs the bitchslap that pussy and toss his sissy ass out to the curb.
  2. SpeedyWho

    MLB.....anyone interested in a survey?

    Before they moved the ALL STAR game it might have been. Not so much anymore
  3. SpeedyWho

    My wife found a little suprise in the pool this morning.

    Hats off to the wife, she's freaking tough. There's no way I'd be able to do that, like no chance at all.
  4. SpeedyWho

    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Man I wish that was true, he's a commie piece of garbage. A real scumbag....
  5. SpeedyWho


    Who cares about this POS? Go dribble your ball and STFU
  6. SpeedyWho

    Possible Vin inlet pics:

    I've been there and it really sucks. Worst day I've ever had on my boat and it happened before I could react, rookie mistake I guess. Those guys are way up there. The price goes through the roof if they need to call out a second tow boat.
  7. SpeedyWho

    She is graduating today!

    You should be proud, congrats to both of you. Hope that's not the uniform she's has to wear in the summer, damn that looks way too hot.
  8. SpeedyWho

    Damn I was looking forward to this.

    Ricky is a freaking genius, I love that clip. Any chance their canceling it because no one freaking cares about these idiots?
  9. SpeedyWho

    Masks FOREVER!!!! hahahaha

    I'd love to bitch slap that little pussy. He doesn't speak for me and he never will. Wanna be a sissy and wear a mask forever have at it, I'll be just fine without it. This is just a ploy to keep his stupid face in the news, he's propaganda isn't needed.
  10. SpeedyWho

    What in the liberal shit is this?

    Especially with California refugees arriving in droves.
  11. SpeedyWho

    FPC Tampa Bay Poker Run Sizzle Reel

    FPC is always making top notch videos, this is no different. Lots of nice toys.
  12. SpeedyWho

    VAX Passports are Here!!!!!

    Anybody who complies with this bullshit is an absolute moron. This is a humongous overreach and the wimpy folks still cowering at home think this is gonna help. Nothing but Spineless sheep. If people are vaccinated why would they care if others aren't, it shouldn't effect them right? And the...
  13. SpeedyWho

    Another Feel Good Story

    Hope the cop was OK ain’t looked like he connected with the screwdriver at least once. But in the end he got what he freaking deserved one less scumbag nobody is gonna miss.
  14. SpeedyWho

    Whaaaaat's That Sonny?

    80 million people voted for this idiot* *Allegedly*
  15. SpeedyWho

    Desert Storm 2021 Recap Video!

    The video itself was excellent, the music was terrible. But like JLG said above, you can never make everyone happy, LOL. Seriously though nice video.
  16. SpeedyWho

    Newsome out?

    Good for you guys, get that scumbag piece of shit outta office.
  17. SpeedyWho

    Who watched the oscars?

    Couldn't care less about those Hollywood asswipes
  18. SpeedyWho

    Lakers Fans

    Fuck him, shut up and dibble your ball shithead.
  19. SpeedyWho

    Chauvin verdict reached

    Larry is gonna be pissed when he sees what his old lady was saying on his profile. LOL
  20. SpeedyWho

    Anyone Here Have/ Had a Bassett Hound ?

    These two are hound mixes and make me smile everyday.